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Mask of Sonar
Jaller Arthron
Component Kanoka
 • Poison Removal
 • Teleport
 • Reconstitute at Random

The Kanohi Arthron was the Mask of Sonar, a Kanohi that allowed the bearer to determine the location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, including users of the Kanohi Huna or Volitak.


The Kanohi Arthron traces its origins back back to some of the earliest mask-making techniques adopted on Spherus Magna, where an unclear number of Arthron masks were created for the Matoran populace. At this point in the history of the Matoran Universe, the Arthron became heavily associated with De-Matoran, who held the mask up as a symbol of their elemental discipline.

Over the 100,000 year span of the Matoran Universe's functionality, the Arthron became a somewhat uncommon Kanohi.

In Metru Nui an Arthron could be crafted with relative ease using Poison Removal, Teleport, and Reconstitute at Random Kanoka disks, usually originating from Onu-Metru. Requiring specific Kanoka disks to manufacture, the Arthron was a typically uncommon mask in Metru Nui, with only a handful of Mask Makers willing to craft it.

Most notably, Toa Jaller was also known to have worn an Arthron as a Toa Mahri during his quest to restore Mata Nui by claiming the Ignika from the Pit.



The Great Arthron enabled the bearer to emit sound waves and use the echoes that return from various objects to locate a subject. Emitting sonar waves at solid objects, that is, echolocation, was also an efficient navigation technique frequently applied by Arthron wearers. Lesser-used applications included producing very low-frequency waves that were audible as near-deafening white noise to stun a target, and speaking to certain aquatic Rahi with the aid of a Kanohi Rau or Faxon. In the Rau's case, this enabled a three-way conversation, and in the Faxon's case, the Arthron could act as a translator for the Faxon-user.


The Noble Arthron only permitted the bearer to sense a brief approximation of a target within the general vicinity.

Known Bearers[]