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Nynrah Ghost blasters, dual-blade swords

Arosyx is a former Dark Hunter, a member of Toa 95's group of heroes, and a member of the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood.


Arosyx was created with the rest of the Matoran universe in 100,000 BGC. After Mata Nui took off from Spherus Magna, Arosyx came to live on Stelt.

Years later, he was on a boat to leave Stelt for Metru Nui, but the boat was stolen and Arosyx was left to drown. When he awakened, he looked at the ground, then at a being in front of him, who introduced himself as the Shadowed One. The being then offered membership into the Dark Hunters, and Arosyx accepted.

He was then sent to Metru Nui to assist in the Toa-Dark Hunter War, where he met Toa 95. The Toa then asked if he could join a new group of heroes. Arosyx thought about it for a second, then accepted.

While a member of the hero group, Arosyx participated in yet another Dark Hunter war, this time against the group. During the war, Arosyx headed right for the leader of the Dark Hunter army and killed him, marking victory for the group.

Many years later, he then didn't like the hero business anymore, and attempted an assassination on the group's leader: a Turaga. When attempting this, he was somehow encased in stone.

When he was awakened by Metrados over one thousand years later, Arosyx saw that the rock had eroded and he lost two of his arms and a hand. They were then replaced with artificial ones, which also gave him shadow abilities. He also lost his breathing abilities in the rock, which forces him to wear a respirator instead of a Kanohi.

Powers and equipment[]


  • Toa 95 once thought of giving him four legs, but the idea was discarded
  • His arms actually looked different, but parts were replaced after breaking.

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