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Podo Nui

The Argeents are a species descended from the Hartunts.


Argeents were first created as Hartunts by the Great Spirit Fotyu Grati to populate his island of Podo Nui.

The Hartunts reproduced at a tremendous rate, and Foytu Grati was obliged to create another island for them. He connected these two islands by a small strip of land, but, as the Hartunts spread across that island as well, he grew so worried that he destroyed the entire race, sparing only a male egg and a female egg.

Fotyu Grati modified these eggs, making a new species called the Argeents, and released them into the wild. Slowly but surely, the Argeents began to repopulate the island. However, Destruction Z discovered the island and destroyed most of the Argeents.

It was at this time that Fotyu Grati decided to create another species on Podo Nui, and so he created the Torpids as natural predators of the Argeents. Unfortunately, Argeents had no natural fear of Torpids, so they died in great numbers. Fotyu Grati solved this problem by modifying all Argeents so that they had a natural fear of Torpids, and modified all Torpids so that the female had a natural hatred for the male, and so that the male had a natural lust for the female. This slowed the reproduction of the Torpids down tremendously, and so a natural balance was established.

At some point, Pahalok discovered the Kanohi Quietus, Mask of Death, and invaded Podo Nui. He destroyed all of the Argeents he could discover, until there was only one of them left, Shrivel.

Abilities and Traits[]

Argeents are small animals with a foot-like body and a tail that is always raised. They have minor abilities to see in the dark, as well as the ability to see great distances. As they have no weapons, or even hands, Argeents need to be protected by their companions.