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"You have fought well, jungle warrior. Now, will you concede and finish this battle honorably, or must we draw this out?"
Flardrek to Solnohk, Society of Guardians
Arena match of Flardrek vs. Solnohk
Date N/A
Location Tesara
Outcome Fire Tribe victory
Previous Arena Match of Arctica vs. Verex
Next Arena Match of Tarix vs. Vastus

The Arena Match of Flardrek vs. Solnohk was an Arena Match between the Glatorian Flardrek of the Fire Tribe and Solnohk of the Jungle Tribe.



Tesara attempted to claim the rights to a supply of Exsidian they had recently discovered. However, the Fire Tribe challenged the Jungle Tribe's control over the Exsidian, and the villages agreed to have two of their fighters do battle to decide the owner of the Exsidian.

The Jungle Tribe found themselves unable to spare either Vastus or Gresh, so they sent their village guard, Solnohk, to represent them. Likewise, the Fire Tribe found themselves unable to spare their prime Glatorian, Ackar, so they selected their primary caravan guard, Flardrek, to do battle with Solnohk. Several Agori and Glatorian from numerous tribes arrived in Tesara to watch the match, including the exiled Skrall Verex and his companions Ranzesk and Drex.


Upon arriving in Tesara, Flardrek headed into the village's arena and charged at Solnohk. Their weapons met, though Solnohk managed to use his strength to force Flardrek backwards and make him fall. Solnohk then attempted to finish the match with a swipe of his axe while Flardrek was down, though the Fire Tribe warrior managed to block his efforts with his blade. The fire warrior then forced Solnohk back with a blast from his Thornax Launcher before regaining his footing and assuming the offensive. He charged forward and attempted to down Solnohk with a swipe from his sword, a maneuver Solnohk narrowly avoided. Solnohk retaliated by hitting Flardrek with the flat of his axe, and quickly charged forward. Flardrek used his Thornax Launcher to block Solnohk's blow, managed to disarm him using his sword, and finally sent him reeling with a blow from the flat of his sword. With victory at hand, Flardrek offered Solnohk the chance to concede, an offer Solnohk accepted.


Due to Flardrek's victory over Solnohk, the Exsidian was relinquished to the disposal of the Fire Tribe of Vulcanus. Verex, an observer of the arena match, was approached by Mersery, who tried to convince the exiled Skrall to reconsider his refusal to join the Society of Guardians, though Verex remained firm in his decision and refused to join. Mersery then decided to give Verex more time to reconsider the offer, and teleported off the planet.

Flardrek later left Tesara, though was ambushed and captured by a group of enslaved Vorox and Bone Hunters led by a Skrall named Drakzu.