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Arena match of Botax vs. Flardrek
Date N/A
Location Arena Tajun
Outcome Fire Tribe victory

The Arena Match of Botax vs. Flardrek was an arena match between Glatorian Botax of the Water Tribe and Glatorian Flardrek of the Fire Tribe.



The Water Tribe was brought into dispute with the Fire Tribe over the ownership of a supply of healing herbs discovered growing healthily near the remains of an old, dead forest. Unable to spare either Tarix or Kiina, Tajun's primary warriors, the Water Tribe dispatched the Glatorian known as Botax for the match, whilst Vulcanus sent their Second Glatorian Flardrek to represent them. The match was held in the Arena Tajun, and a large number of Agori arrived to watch the battle.


Once they arrived in the arena, the two Glatorian clashed their weapons, beginning the match. Flardrek sent Botax flying to the other side of the arena with a powerful kick, only for the Water Tribe Glatorian to leap back upright. Botax charged at Flardrek, nearly stabbing him, though the fire Glatorian managed to avoid the blow with a well-timed backflip.

At some point later during the fight, Botax was able to knock Flardrek's Thornax Launcher away, though Flardrek managed to do the same, forcing the two warriors to fight without their ranged weapons. The battle continued in this fashion for several more hours, each of the combatants not willing to give in to the other. Near the climax of the battle, Botax was able to wrap the hook of his trident around Flardrek's ankle, and throw him to the ground. While on the ground, Flardrek was able to grab his launcher, and role out of the way before Botax hit him with his trident. After gaining some distance from his enemy, Flardrek was able to hit Botax with a Thornax, knocking him down and out.


With Flardrek's victory, the rights to the healing herbs were given to the Fire Tribe. Due to the injuries sustained in the conflict, both Botax and Flardrek were forced to rest for a number of weeks before resuming their usual lifestyles. Despite the nature of conflict, the two Glatorian would remain good friends following the match, and refused to hold any grudges against each other for the battle's outcome.


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