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"There are those who believe that the life of a Dark Hunter is about vengeance. There are also those who believe that the life of a Dark Hunter is about riches and plundering. And then there are those like Arachnid."
―The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters
IMGS 119
Blades, Rhotaka Spinner Launcher, Claws, Pincers

Arachnid is a Dark Hunter who was once a Vortixx. His transformation from one to what he is now was caused by Roodaka.


Arachnid was once a Vortixx whose time to climb the Sentient Mountain on Xia. Apparently, he was picked on because of his frailness. One night, before the climb, Roodaka offered to "improve" Arachnid's body using her special Rhotaka. Arachnid agreed, for he had heard of Roodaka's transformations. In return, he had to get her a boat off Xia. However, Roodaka took him along as a captive.

When they reached Odina, home of the Dark Hunters, Roodaka presented Arachnid before The Shadowed One. In order to prove his worth, and in order to "fulfill" her side of the bargain, Roodaka had mutated Arachnid into a monstrous, insect-like form. After being injected with Hordika Venom by some of The Shadowed One's researchers, he gained a Rhotaka Launcher mounted on his back.

Alternate Universes[]

Dark Mirror[]

In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Arachnid battled alongside the resistance led by Toa Pohatu and the other Dark Hunters. He was slain by a Toa of Ice and a Toa of Stone when the Toa of Ice froze him and then the Toa of Stone used his powers to shatter the frozen Dark Hunter into pieces.

Powers and Weapons[]

Arachnid had no elemental powers, but thanks to the Hordika Venom injected into him long ago, he gained a Rhotaka Launcher. The launcher can fire Rhotaka Spinners with the mind scramble power, which proved very useful in combat for Arachnid. He also had a set of blades and pincers. The blades are spiked with Arachnid's special paralyzing poison, while the pincers could mutate a victim, which was also the result of the injection of Hordika Venom. Arachnid also has the power to fly.

Apparently, before his mutation, he was a weak and frail Vortixx.


"Roodaka agreed, but while she boarded a ship the Vortixx had obtained for her, she decided to take the Vortixx captive. She brought him to the island of the Dark Hunters and presented him to me. At first, he appeared to be no use of me at all, given his frailness. Then Roodaka transformed him."
―The Shadowed One describing Arachnid's transformation.


  • Arachnid shares many similarities to the late Dark Hunter Nidhiki, most notably being mutated into insect-like forms by Roodaka and having the power to fly without wings.
    • Arachnid was in fact based of Nidhiki.