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In existence

Aqualia was the Crustainax's home planet. It is currently completely uninhabited.


Aqualia was a peaceful planet, mainly inhabited by the intelligent species known as the Crustainax.

Millennia before the evolution of sentient species, the planet's surface was approximately 60% water. However, the planet's core began to cool down, and the water vapor in the air began to fall to the ground as the temperature was lowered, causing sea levels to rise. After this event, the planet was left with small sand islets dotted across the planet, with only about 7% of the land left.

Several species became extinct during the cataclysm, but many evolved and became aqueous or amphibious, as in the case of the Crustainax. In the water-based environment, the Crustainax thrived, creating an underwater civilization and advanced technology. The Crustainax did not intentionally harm their fellow Aqualians; rather, they studied and preserved them, preferring to live in harmony with nature.

The Crustainax lived out in relative harmony until a comet was sighted coming for the planet. In actual fact, this was the Master's spaceship, Tehktra Nui, heading straight for them. The Master had foreseen the fact that the Crustainax were intelligent, so would have to tackle them by force if he wanted to keep them as specimens in his spaceship.

After a grueling planetary war, the Master's powerhouse of weaponry defeated the Crustainax. All the species were either wiped out or endangered, and all the remaining ones were loaded into Stasis Tubes, including the 30 surviving Crustainax. The planet now sits empty, completely uninhabited


The planet is only 7% land, due to the mass flooding. The oceans are warm and hospitable, and the atmosphere contains high contents of nitrogen and oxygen. Under the sea are several mountain ranges and land features that were submerged during the flood.