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Aqua Nui
Mahri Nui
AWK-wuhh NEW-eeh

Aqua Nui was a legendary underwater city that stood on Mahri Nui. It was destroyed during the Battle of Aqua Nui.


It is said that the Great Beings laid the foundations for Aqua Nui. It was built upon the Staff of Nui. which the Great Beings had hidden from any danger. The newly-created Matoran were placed in it to live and work there.

Life went well for the Matoran of Aqua Nui until Makuta Teridax led his fellow Makuta to retrieve the Staff of Nui. They promised not to hurt the Matoran, but Teridax had secretly captured six Matoran, Wole, Cij, Delos, Melgav, Alg, and Sant, to mutate and use as servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta. However, Mata Nui knew of this, and transformed them into the Toa Aqua.

After freeing themselves, the Toa went to fight the Makuta. The Battle of Aqua Nui began, and all the Matoran helped the Toa by merging into Matoran Nui. However, Teridax, during a battle with Toa Cij, fired a great ball of shadow, throwing the Toa off a high wall and into the Pit. He was then free to take the Staff of Nui, which he used to blast Aqua Nui. Many Matoran were killed, along with Toa Wole and Toa Melgav. Teridax left the ruins of Aqua Nui with the Staff and the other Makuta.

Delos, Alg, and Sant led the Matoran in rebuilding the city, and renamed it Mahri Nui. The Toa Voya were sent on a mission to help them, but they were intercepted by the Barraki warlord known as Takadox of the League of Six Kingdoms.

Known Inhabitants[]


  • Aqua Nui does not have any natural resources, so the Matoran depend upon the minerals in the water.
  • The Matoran of Aqua Nui are shorter than the Matoran of other villages, mainly because of the pressure of the water.