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Makuta Legion member
Elemental Shadow powers
Great Hastrah
Claws, blades

Antroz is a member of the Infernal Legion, previously serving the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early life[]

Antroz was created by Mata Nui to enforce order on the citizens of the Great Spirit Robot. He was part of the Brotherhood of Makuta when Miserix betrayed Mata Nui and took over the Great Spirit Robot.

Antroz was one of the Makuta responsible for killing Av-Matoran after Suram transformed. He fought the Toa Neirae and easily outnumbered and defeated them alongside his brethren.

Although ruthless, Antroz found no joy in enslaving the Matoran. He disagreed with killing the Order of Mata Nui members, preferring conflict instead of execution. Antroz eventually disappeared from the Brotherhood of Makuta before the Order of Mata Nui reformed and Miserix was defeated.

Infernal Legion[]

At some point since his defection from the Brotherhood of Makuta, Antroz was recruited at Abaddon's bidding, joining the Infernal Legion.

Antroz worked for the mad titan to pressure Skakdi warlords into serving the Legion. He fought against Lumenious and defeated the warlord, claiming his army for the Infernal Legion.

Clash with the Toa[]

Antroz fought an assault team lead by Kisa when the group of Toa infiltrated the Infernal Legion's base. He used his Hastrah to overpower four of the Toa.

When Kisa used her mask power, she easily defeated Antroz, slicing off one of his arms. As the mission was to distract the Toa, so Vicoran could deliver his threat to the Council of Kehidupan, Antroz retreated.

Antroz later battled Helryx and Yunak, though retreated once more reinforcements from the Order of Mata Nui joined.

Abaddon's return[]

Antroz attacked the Order of Mata Nui when Abaddon returned, clashing with Eclipse. He teams up with the former and Suram to incapacitate the Shadow Toa, attempting to kill him. Suram blocked the final blow and the two fought.

Personality and traits[]

Antroz was merciless, even among the Makuta. He enjoyed defeating his opponents completely by crushing their spirit, often leaving foes alive. Antroz is thrilled in combat, exchanging blows and happily making combat last longer than it should. He attempted to start conflict between the Brotherhood of Makuta by lying to other Makuta but was eventually found out and disliked.

Antroz knew he was disliked by the Brotherhood of Makuta but was not bothered by it. He had no kinship for his species and no alignment to Mata Nui, simply wanting to battle and maim others.

Powers and equipment[]

Antroz uses his strength and speed in battle, all to draw out fights and increase the amount of damage he can inflict on his opponents. He uses his claws to maim his opponents, rarely going for killing blows.

His Kanohi Hastrah increases the damage he does with every swipe, benefitting his malicious style. If Antroz is interrupted in his attacks, his mask power deactivates.


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