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Protector of Matoran
Mt. Aornian

Antrilax is a character in NujuRocks' first "Short Storyline", which he wrote simply to get a feel for writing about Bionicles.

He may also appear in some of NujuRocks' other stories.


Antrilax, also known as the Great Kanohi Dragon, was created over 123,000 years ago by the Great Beings on Spherus Magna. He was designed as a prototype of the Kanohi Dragons in the Matoran universe, but was deemed to powerful to be created in bulk. However, when the Mata Nui Robot was created, Antrilax was allowed to enter. He dwelt in the Universe for thousands of years, and made his home on Mt. Aornian, where his vast powers enabled him to protect thousands of Matoran from all over the universe. He particularly liked Toa and Matoran of Air, whom he found exceedingly entertaining. When Mata Nui left the universe to commune with the Great Beings, Antrilax formed a "mental dome" around Mt. Aornian, shielding the entire mountain from Makuta Teridax's sight. Several hundred years AGC, Antrilax met and formed a bond with a Ki-Matoran known as Hurran, and granted the Ki-Matoran control of his Kanohi Hau. He was responsible for co-ordinating the raid on the Roma Nui Arena. Also, when Axonn fell from Mt. Aornian, it was Antrilax who saved him. Soon after this, he granted Ardrin control of his newly stolen Kanohi Komau. When Lewa was defeated on Mt. Aornian, Antrilax healed him and sent him to the Roma Nui Arena to defeat Brutaka. Antrilax is currently attempting to re-construct his menal dome around Mt. Aornian, which he let down during the attack on the Arena.

Powers and Abilities[]

Antrilax was one of the more powerful beings in the Matoran Universe, being able to control all elements to a limited extent, fire in particular. He had vast mental capabilities, which he used to keep in psychic communication with Matoran and Toa all over Roma Nui and the surrounding area. He had the ability to unlock Matoran's Kanohi powers, although this took huge amounts of energy. When this occured, it gave the Matoran rudimentary control of their dormant Elemental powers. Antrilax was the only Kanohi Dragon who could speak the Matoran Language.