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Toa Kala
Noble Ruru
Kala Nui
"Stop Right there Ataeht!"

The Toa of Earth, Second in Command of The Toa Kala, Angron The Ancient, Former Toa Hagah of Makuta Agemo


Early Life[]

Angron was originally part of a different Toa Team, whos names are unknown. His origninal team wandered about the Matoran Universe, until all of them, except for Angron, were killed by a unknown enemy. Afterwards, he traveled to other lands offering his help to Koros and Metrus scattered about the Matoran Universe.

Toa Hagah[]

After the death of his teammates, Angron joined the Toa Hagah who gaurded Agemo, however, he disliked working with Jayx and Arutan (There were others, however, they are not mentioned often, as they are often gone from the other three Toa).

The Banishment of Ataeht[]

Once, Angron was ordered, with Vazerax, Jayx, and Arutan, to capture Ataeht, a rouge Makuta who wanted to overthrough the brotherhood. When the Toa and Makuta arrived, Angron went with Arutan to attack Ataeht directly, while Jayx went to run interferance. Eventually, Angron and Arutan were cornered by Ataeht's Rahkshi, Robot Drones, and Rahi. Arutan destroyed a Rahkshi and Drone with his Cordak blaster, and Angron finished the rest of with a controlled earthquake. Vazerax had teleported behind Ataeht, and was holding him when Ataeht activated his Olmak, however, in Vazerax's struggle with Ataeht, his Olmak was knocked off, and landed at the feet of Angron and Arutan. Some minutes later, Angron and Arutan teleported behind Ataeht, and Angron used Ataeht's Olmak to send Ataeht to the pit.

Abilities and Traits[]

Mostly Outgoing, Angron is Quiet, and thoughtfull, however he often makes positive remarks about the other Toa's progress. He has never fully recovered from his teammate's deaths and is deeply traumatized from it. He dislikes working with others because of the fact he still feels responsible for his old teammates deaths. As a Toa of Earth he possess earth powers.

Mask & Tools[]

Angron wears a Great Ruru in the shape of a Noble Ruru and wields twin chainswords which double as mining swords.

Strength: 16
Agility: 10
Toughness: 18
Mind: 18

Combat Style[]

Unlike most Toa, Angron does not practice Sila. Instead, he practices Guokte, the art of using dual blades, which mainly focuses on defense over offense. Since he is not as fast as other beings, he uses his sheer muscle as power for practicing Kracht, a combat style that requires brute force and unpredictability.


  • Angron appears as one of the characters in The Banishment of Ataeht
  • Angron is one of the characters in Kala Nui Chronicles