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Amulet of Jahna Nui
In existence

The Amulet of Jahna Nui was a small ruby that held much powerful, but unknown powers.


When the Toa Rilla became Turaga, they put all their power into the deceased Toa Jutin's ruby heartlight, and placed it in Jahna Nui for the future Toa. Later, the Matoran found it and thought it to be a powerful stone of some sort, believing it was an amulet that would protect them.

Although it did not protect Jahna Nui, the Amulet did have some powers. The Toa power inside was stored for years until six Matoran — Purna, Okirt, Uilnet, Terrnat, Jhin, and Ilosk — experimented on it. The power inside transformed the six into the Toa Jahna, though Anhaj's mind was twisted in the process.

Later, Anhaj stole the Amulet from the Toa, but was unable to control its power at first and was mutated. He transformed the Toa into Turaga, making them fall into a deep slumber. Afterwards, he stole a boat and sailed toward Canada Land, and during his voyage, he transferred his power into the Amulet and destroyed all of Jahna Nui.

When Anhaj fought Kongu, Kongu pushed him into a lake of Energized Protodermis. Anhaj was holding the Amulet, and he fused with it, turning into Anhaj Nuva, a Mega Matoran. The Amulet's powers formed Anhaj's armor, arsenal, and mask.


The amulet is known to have various powers. Some include increasing or decreasing beings' power, and another is its ability to create large shockwaves. More than that is not known.