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Amulet of Iuo Nui
Destruction; taking users' energy
Notre Nui

The Amulet of Iuo Nui was an extremely powerful artifact crafted by the Great Beings for an unknown purpose. It could destroy entire islands, at the cost of the user's life and energy.



Tyronia is obliterated by the power of the amulet

Originally created by the Great Beings, the amulet was made of Jikinla and a jewel from Iou's Heartlight. The amulet was given to the Order of Mata Nui to keep it safe, but was stolen hundreds of years later by a being from Tyronia.

The amulet was taken to Tyronia, where it was kept safe. However, one of its keepers, Seeker, decided to use the amulet for his own selfish needs. He held the island hostage, but when it was activated it destroyed the entire island, with him on it. The amulet sank into the sea until it reached the city of Goya Nui. There, the amulet was kept safe in an old temple, guarded every second by a strong guard.

Lord Kivon, after his failed attempt to retrieve the Olmak for Teridax, sensed the amulet's presence, and, deciding that it would please Teridax, traveled to the temple to steal it, only to find that it had already been stolen.


The amulet floats down from Tyronia to Goya Nui

Keeper, however, was in actuality Seeker, who had been kept alive by the amulet. He took the amulet back to Nui Marsh, only for Kivon to find him. Seeker threatened to destroy the entire chain of islands above them, but Kivon killed him with only his eyebeams. The amulet, however,fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis.The resulting energy fused with that of Seeker's Antidermis, transforming him into Keeper.

Notre nui destroyed

The amulet destroying Nortre Nui

Lord Kivon teleported to Nortre Nui after finding out that Keeper was there, but the amulet was activated, and the city was destroyed. The amulet is believed to have been destroyed along with Keeper.


The amulet had the power to create a massive shockwave, but the process involved the user's energy being absorbed into the amulet. Little else is known about it.