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Amata Nui is a lost island forgotten in the mist. It was once a community hub because of its rare items, but Skakdi invaded and stole most of the resources. The island became deserted except for a few Matoran villages that live a the coast.


Long ago a Matoran who was exploring the great oceans of Aqua Magna, he and his team saw an island in the cloud like mist. They set up camp, but the island had dangerous beasts on it. They created weapons and hunted animals down, but sadly most of them died. Some stayed and others went to go get more Matoran. They soon set up walls to keep a giant city safe from the beasts of the land. Expedition teams went and found energy diamonds, Protodermis lakes, and ancient weapons. Skadi forces found the island and ruined the villages and stole all the resources they had gathered. The Matoran attacked the Skadi base on Amata Nui and it broke out into a giant war all over Amata Nui. This war is the Amata Nui Rebellion.

Flora and Fauna[]

Most animals and plants are luminescent beings. They usually glow ultraviolet (black light). They have ultraviolet to look for specific minerals to eat (the plants are ultraviolet for the same reason). Carnivores are like vampires, they suck the minerals out of the animals. Some aquatic life swim in the Protodermis lakes. They survive by absorbing Protodermis as an energy source.


Amata Nui consists of an area filled with black rocks and black rock formations. Water is the rarest thing on Amata Nui, the most abundant liquid is Protodermis. Many Protodermis lakes scatter the landscape. Also, caves are as common as sand, these caves are five miles deep usually. Many crystals form from the Protodermis rivers in the caves from the huge amounts of energy created from the Protodermis.