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Alpha Spear
Alpha Spear
Channeling powers, shapeshifting
Out of use

The Alpha Spear is a remarkable tool wielded by the Alpha Beings.


Throughout its history, the Alpha Spear has displayed a semi-sentient nature, being able to intuitively align its form with the intentions and capabilities of the wielder.

During the climactic encounter between Mersny and Vavakx, Mersny sought to tap into a previously untapped potential of the Alpha Spear. However, due to his weakened state, he was unable to fully harness this latent power, ultimately leading to his defeat.

Presently, the Alpha Spear finds its secure resting place within the Great Depot, concealed beneath the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters located in Metru Magna.


Noteworthy for its elegant design, the Alpha Spear embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetics and combat functionality. Made out of protochromium, the weapon possesses the unique ability to shape-shift and adapt to the requirements and preferences of its user. It exudes an aura of distinction and authority, perfectly reflecting the very essence and image of the Alpha Being who wields it.

Furthermore, the Alpha Spear possesses the capability to be launched and summoned back to its wielder through a mental command. It also demonstrates the remarkable ability to deflect incoming attacks, providing an added layer of defense for its user in the midst of combat.

Known Users[]