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Alpha Plane
Dimensional void
In existence

The Alpha Plane is a universe in the dimensional void.


The Alpha Plane contains several astronomical bodies such as stars and planets, much like the Prime reality.


The Alpha Plane was created during a molecular impact in another universe, which generated a miniature black hole that pumped matter out into a baby universe. After thousands more of such collisions, the Alpha Zone expanded, separating itself from the original dimension. The new universe eventually cooled, and life came into being.

The dominant indigenous lifeforms eventually became capable of high technology, creating a one-way dimensional gate through which all universes were connected. Through it, materials and sentient beings from other universes flowed in, expanding the new universe. However, not everything was able to come in; energized Protodermis, for one, was repelled by the forces of space-time and a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings.

The portal soon began to grow unstable. As a result, the natives sealed it away in the center of the solar reenergizer that had been created many millennia previously to reactivate dying stars, in the middle of the Beta Trail. The natives than joined it, for unknown reasons.

Known inhabitants[]

Its original inhabitants were an octopus-like species with large brains and twelve exceedingly agile tentacles. They are currently locked away with their portal.

Many lifeforms came into the new world, as well. Some of the first were Protodites, Matoran, Skakdi (some of which later became the equivalent of a police force), the Tarox (a few of which evolved into highly sophisticated deities), and many forms of Rahi.