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Altron's Mask
Calculation, Fate, Flight, Molecular Reconstitution, Poison Removal, Strength
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Aln is Altron's mask.


The Aln has the combined abilities of the masks of the Toa who formed Altron. These powers include:

  • Calculation, allowing the user to perform complicated mathematical operations in their head and envision shapes that result from complicated algorithms. Granted by Liakatus's Mask of Calculations
  • Fate, allowing the user to perform at the peak of their physical ability. Granted by Faxhuun's Calix.
  • Flight, allowing the user to fly at high speed under their own power. Granted by Recvak's Kadin.
  • Molecular Reconstitution, allowing the user to reform their body into any shape they can imagine clearly, provided they do not change their mass. Granted by Rewta's Mask of Reconstitution.
  • Poison Removal, allowing the user to eliminate all toxins from their own body or from a target. Granted by Quake's Mask of Poison Removal.
  • Strength, affording the user greatly enhanced physical strength and durability, as well as a slight boost to their natural powers. Granted by Bartha's Pakari.

Known users[]


  • Its name was based on the fact that many fusions' masks' names are taken from the name of the fusion, like Akamai-Aki and Waiurha-Rua.