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"I have been many things in my time. A leader, a prisoner, a survivor. But now... I am a warrior."
Mata Nui
All That Glitters
Date Set
1,001 AGC

All That Glitters is a short film, made by Jam Pot Studios. It will detail the first part of the fight between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax, based on the comic All That Glitters.


The film opens with Mata Nui coming into his new body and attempting to reunite Spherus Magna by merging the three moons Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna. He is interrupted by Teridax, who lands on the desert world's surface and confronts him. Teridax invites Mata Nui to ally with him, but Mata Nui turns him down. The robots then commence to blast each other with their powers.

Mata Nui recognizes that his robot body is breaking down, and decides that Teridax must be defeated quickly. However, Teridax reminds him that the Matoran universe is inside of him, and by damaging Teridax, Mata Nui may kill its inhabitants. Teridax then blasts Mata Nui, who is apparently unable to stop him, and claims Bara Magna for his own.