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In existence

Aliquantus is a massive city located on Spherus Magna. It is made up of seven sectors, each providing its own food source.


The city is made up of seven sectors, listed below:

Vorox City[]

Vorox City is the carving and manufacturing hub of Aliquantus. It is mostly inhabited by Skakdi, Po-Matoran, Agori, Glatorian, and members of Krekka's species. It is the largest and most abundantly populated sector. Its food source is Thornax plants grown in boxes filled with sand.

Skrall City[]

Skrall City is the most technologically advanced sector, and is inhabited by Vortixx, Fe-Matoran, and Onu-Matoran. Beings there do not consume food; instead, pure energy is channeled directly into their bodies. This region's function is to produce technology, which is why there are so many engineers in the region.

Strakk City[]

This city is named after the Glatorian Strakk. Here, Ko-Matoran make prophecies. The fortune-telling indutry makes this sector a lot of money. Most of the inhabitants consume berry-flavored ice spheres, which they make themselves.

As it is the coldest sector, it is also inhabited by Frostelus.

Malum City[]

Named after Malum, it is a home for forgers, such as the Ta-Matoran and members of Sidorak's species. It is the second richest region. The city's delicacy is unripe, boiled Thornax, served with fresh magma leaves and showered with Lava Hawk sauce.

Gresh City[]

Gresh City is the main transportation sector. It is inhabited by Visorak, Le-Matoran, and Bohrok. Its food source is Bula berries, which can be made into a Bula pie.

Tarix City[]

This is where all of the city's laboratories and the new prisons are located. It represents the element of Water, and is inhabited by Ga-Matoran. Its delicacy is grilled Ruki served with a few boiled Thornax and drenched with Makika tears. This is the richest region and the only flooded one.

Tanma City[]

This city represents the element of Light, and is mostly inhabited by Av-Matoran and Turaga, who grow fruit to eat. This sector contains the city council.

Known inhabitants[]