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"There it is, the nest of evil!"
Alex's Fortress
In existence

Alex's fortress was Alex's home when he moved to Bio-Land with Juho. It was here that he made the Minion Dogs.


The fortress was constructed over a period of many years by Alex and his Minion Dogs. When it was ready, Alex began plotting against Henkka and made an alliance with Inwirn, who later moved to the fortress with her Griddlers.

During the Final Battle of Griddlers and Minion Dogs, the fortress was damaged in many ways. A crack came to one of the energized Protodermis pools during the final battle. Energized Protodermis started to slowly leak out of the crack, but nobody noticed it. The fortress remained deserted for many years after the battle.

For years, the energized Protodermis kept leaking out. It slowly started creating new life forms as well as vegetation. Many small Rahi accidentally touched the substance, turning into new kinds of Rahi.

The Rising didn't affect the fortress at all, since it's located in the Kowa Mountains, which were protected from Teridax. When the Great Migration began, the Matoran discovered the fortress and the great amount of life around it. The fortress was repaired to be used by the Matoran of Aqua Magna and the Protodermis leak was sealed. However, there's still a beautiful garden surrounding the fortress. That garden is called the Garden of Life.

After Spherus Magna's recreation, the fortress was turned into a hotel.

Significant locations[]

Energized Protodermis testing room[]

This room had a pool of energized Protodermis, which could be used for tests. It was in this room that Henkka fought with Alex.

Energized Protodermis storage room[]

This chamber contained an even larger pool of Energized Protodermis. Here, Tapio, Inwirn, Aino, Dumpa, Juho, and Nekka fought until they fell into the protodermis and formed the Ketawnki.

A laboratory has been built in this room, which is used to experiment with this dangerous subject. The laboratory is not a part of the hotel.

Garden of Life[]

There was a massive garden without vegetation outside of the fortress. This was the place where the Final Battle of Griddlers and Minion Dogs took place. The Garden of Life has replaced the barren area, however, and it's been taken care of daily by different Matoran and Agori gardeners.