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Alex's Desert Base

Alex's desert base is a building in the Drekor Desert where Alex kept his army of Spiders of Doom. It is mostly made up of one enormous room, but there are also several smaller ones inside the building.


When Alex led the Spiders of Doom to Bio-Land, he first led them to Drekor Desert, where he ordered them to build a base for him.

At some point, two Toa of water, Thul and Thal, attacked the base and were imprisoned. Soon after, Aino came on a scouting mission and freed them. The damage done to the base was fixed soon after.

The desert base was damaged little during the Rising as it was surrounded by sand that softened the tremors, though Teridax's movement across Aqua Magna damaged it somewhat more heavily, although it still stood until the reformation of Spherus Magna.

Significant locations[]

Main room[]

Most of the fortress was comprised of an extraordinarily large room. Little is known about this area.

Underground storage room[]

A storage room beneath the ground, close to the sea. It had all kinds of equipment stored inside, including a submarine, which was stolen by Aino, Thul, and Thal. Their escape also caused the room to become flooded with water, ruining many things in the room. It was repaired by the Spiders of Doom but was destroyed again later.

Protocairn pit[]

There was a pit in the room where a Protocairn was kept. Aino got into the base through a hole in the wall of this pit.


There were a few cells in the base, which could be accessed through the main room.