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"He's such scum... I don't even know if he is worth being betrayed by me."
Potato Robbers (Formerly), Piraka (Formerly)

Alex was Henkka's archenemy.


Early life[]

Alex was originally a Matoran on BZ-Metru who formed a criminal organization named the Potato Robbers. They had an argument with Henkka one day on a street, and began to attack him. When an influential Matoran was hurt in the fight, the Potato Robbers and Henkka were banished from Comic Land.

Alliance of the Enemies[]



Alex's Potato Robbers went their own way, only Juho, Alex's most loyal servant, remaining behind. They planned revenge on Henkka, and moved to Bio-Land.

One day, he stumbled into Inwirn and Dumpa, finding out that their archenemies were living together, and decided to form an alliance to destroy them. Alex's Minion Dogs and Inwirn's Griddlers attacked their foes, but Inwirn betrayed him by leaving him to face Aino, Tapio and Henkka alone. He was defeated, but he was saved from death by The Claw.

Return of the Enemies[]

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Alex was given a powerful mechanical suit by The Claw, and Alex worked with him to fight Henkka. In the end, the plan again slipped out of control and Henkka defeated Alex by grabbing onto his suit and pulling it it down from the 12th floor of a building, but Alex escaped yet again.

Piraka Attack[]

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Alex hid from the law for a time, building his strength, until he emerged to confront Henkka again. He had been transformed into a Matoran-like creature, and somehow obtained an enormous army of Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal.

He eventually sold the army to the Piraka, and became one of the members of the group. However, when the Piraka were defeated, he managed to escape once more.

War of the Spiders of Doom[]

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Alex, escaping, stumbled upon the Visorak and make an alliance with them: he would help them conquer Bio-Land if he could be the leader of the horde. Alex also bought the Vahi, Kanohi Mask of Time, from the Dark Hunters.

Alex lead the spiders to Drekor Desert, where Alex's Desert Fortress was built. Alex commanded the spiders in the following war. Later in the war, Alex absorbed the Toa Energy of three Toa, transforming him into a titan. He was about to use the Vahi on the life machine when Henkka arrived and started battling him.

The battle was soon interrupted by the Rising of the Matoran universe, which damaged Bio-Land greatly. Henkka pushed him into the Life Machine and it accidentally turned on. Alex and Henkka then disappeared in a flash of light, along with the Vahi.

Personality and traits[]

Alex has always been very mysterious and devious.


  • While Henkka disappeared with a flash of blue light, Alex disappeared in red light.
  • Alex knew the details of Teridax's plan beforehand, but didn't do anything about it since he knew he could get control of Aqua Magna while Teridax controlled the Matoran Universe.