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"I am no hero... that's for sure."
Absalom's pack
Vorox hunting spear
Spherus Magna

Alek'Zorah nar Kaiya vas Tano is a Vorox warrior and member of Absalom's pack. He lacks a right arm.


Early History[]

Like another Vorox in his pack, Alek's mother was tampered on by the Great Being Terronce in an effort to breed the Vorox back into Glatorian. He gave Alek a higher amount of Glatorian DNA, and when Alek was born, he lacked the claws and teeth of a normal Vorox.

When he was in training, he met a Vorox that was about his age, who's name was Draysha. The two became great friends, and Alek later fell in love with her (although she didn't feel the same way).

Loss of his Arm[]

During a hunt, Draysha and Alek encountered a group of Skrall slave traders, who tried to capture the two Vorox. They engaged in a fight, and one of the Skrall tried to strike Draysha down. Before it could succeed, Alek jumped between the blade and Draysha, costing him his right arm.

Draysha fought off the Skrall, and then brought Alek back to their camp for medical attention.

Draysha's Exile[]

Years later, Absalom announced that Draysha would be exiled. Alek was heartbroken, and followed her to the edge of the clan's camp. The two engaged in conversation, and Alek tried to tell Draysha that he loved her, but couldn't. She was then forced out of the camp by two hunters.

Capture and the Arena[]

A full year after Draysha's exile, Alek was on a pilgrimage hunt, in which he had to kill a (preferbly large) creature on his own as a coming of age ceremony. During the hunt, a Skrall slaver captured him, and brought him back to Roxtus for "training".

Alek was beaten and tortured in Roxtus. The Skrall ignored his pleas for mercy, and later threw him into a cage and brought him to Volcanus, who had purchased Alek for arena entertainment. Alek was then forced to fight in the arena against skilled Glatorian fighters. Every time, Alek was beaten to a pulp, and given little to eat or drink.

Abilities and Traits[]

Alek was a skilled fighter, and was a good hunter. He also was one of the few Vorox musicians and poets, writing songs and lymrics during long hunting trips (many of which he intended to give to Draysha).


Alek was a caring individual, and was quite selfless. He would take a hit, beating, or even an execution for a friend, and was well liked by his clanmates.


  • Alek's right arm is severed at the elbow.
  • His theme song is "Where are you Going?" by Dave Mathews, and his quote is taken from said song.
  • Alek's name was inspired by the Star Wars character Darth Malak, who's original name was Alek.