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Spear, shield, Thornax Launcher

Akitaro was a Glatorian rookie of the Ice Tribe, and is currently deputy of the Alliance of Justice. He is also a Luzmoro.


Akitaro originally lived in the Northern Frost on Spherus Magna. There, he spent much of his life as a guard and convoy escort. When the Core War began, Akitaro was prohibited to fight. However, he was permitted to assisting other youths in safely escorting Ice Tribe Agori to the Great Barren in the south. It was during one such trip that the Shattering occurred. As a result, he was stranded on Bara Magna along with the Agori he escorted and many others.

When the Arena Match system was created, Akitaro took part as a trainee. He also continued his work as a guard and escort. He made friends with a Fire Tribe rookie named Arsurk and the prime Glatorian pilot of Tesara, named Favmok. He also became very close to a Water Tribe rookie named Katyla.

Sometime after the Skrall came to the villages, Akitaro became suspicious of their arrival, mostly due to the increased activity of Bone Hunter. He eventually decided to sneak into Roxtus to find evidence of the Skrall being behind the attacks. During this time, he was ambushed by a Luzmoro.

Eventually, Akitaro was turned into a Luzmoro by unknown means.

Akitaro also took part in the Skrall War and the Battle of Roxtus. Afterwards, he joined the Mega-Village Defense Force under Ackar's leadership. He was also given Elemental Ice powers by Mata Nui.

In the Battle of Bara Magna, Akitaro aided Wrilii, a Eternal Toa of Indigo, in battling Rahkshi. In recognition for his deeds, he was given the role of deputy of the Alliance of Justice.

Powers and equipment[]

As a Luzmoro, Akitaro is able too shapeshift into a wolf-like creature at will. However, this is often uncontrollable in moonlight, which also made him more powerful if exposed to it; or when provoked. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and healing abilities.

Akitaro was also given elemental Ice powers by Mata Nui.

Personality and traits[]

In his youth, Akitaro was a very mischievous warrior. In his years of training, Akitaro became more mature about his role as a Glatorian.

Though very intellectual, Akitaro tends to act very aloof to amuse others. Though this often makes other believe he is not as smart as he claims to be, which upsets him most of the time. Akitaro is also very aggressive and easily-angered. This is believed to be an effect of his Luzmoro abilities.


  • Set-wise, Akitaro is TheLostGreatBeing's Secondary Self-MOC. Story-wise, he is his third.
  • Akitaro's design was meant to be his interpretation of Certavus.