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The Akavori are a sapient species that resides on Bota Magna.


The Akavori are tall, lean beings with white and pale colors. They are known to have psychic powers including telepathy, mind links, telekinesis, illusions, etc. Members also can access special abilites they have themselves. Akavori are also very agile and fast.

Society and culture[]

Much like the Skrall, the Akavori have a law that no member must be given a name after their powers, personalities, accomplishments, occupations, and other things. However, they can be given nicknames.

Akavori, like the Great Beings, commonly clothe themselves.


The Akavori once resided in the Great Jungle of the planet of Spherus Magna. Due to the fact they lived far off any Agori residences, they took no part in the Core War.

When the Shattering occurred, they were forced to migrate to a further part of the forest to avoid getting stranded on Bara Magna. One Akavori guided them to a clearing near a lake that they could set up a new village at. The Akavori leader gave the Akavori the name Navigator after his actions helped their people.

Sometime after the Shattering, two Akavori, Navigator and Hunter, found a Great Being lying injured in a southern part of Bota Magna. They brought him to their village to get medical aid. When he awoke, he believed himself to be an Akavori due to his memory loss, and so did the others. They decided to welcome him into their society. When they noticed he spent much of his time making tools and other things, they gave him the name Unknown for his strange ways.

Known individuals[]

  • Akavori, enforces the Akavori laws and can give members their names.
  • Navigator, named for playing a huge role in relocating the species during the Shattering.
  • Hunter, named after his successful occupation.