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Airship racing was a sport played by the Matoran of Bio-Land and Gruissiono, which was still played on Spherus Magna after its reformation.


Airship Racing was invented by a group of Gruissiono inhabitants to solve a dispute between some Matoran. It then became Gruissiono's national sport and spread to other lands, including Bio-Land.

After the recreation of Spherus Magna, Airship Racing was still played by the former Gruissiono and Bio-Land inhabitants. The sport has spread to many parts of the planet, and even Agori have started playing it.


  • There can only be a maximum of two Matoran in one airship.
  • The airship must not make any shortcuts while flying through the course.
  • If an airship crashes, it can no longer participate in the game.
  • The airships may fly as high or low as the players want, but it must not go out of the course.
  • The course is chosen by the players.
  • Other airships may be damaged, but no Matoran can be killed intentionally.
  • The players in an airship are not allow to hijack another players' airships or enter them during the race.
  • The first one to complete the course wins.


Airships are used in the game. In addition, non-lethal weapons may be used.

Any airships may participate in the sport, but usually, the ships are custom-made for the game.