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Aino's Blog
Date Set
1,001 AGC

Aino's Blog is written by Aino and tells about her and her friend's life after their returning to Bio-Land.


23 December[]

After saving the Four Great Lands, I, Tapio, Matoran Hordika and Nahi moved back to Bio-Land. We found our old home still in good shape and intact, although the grass that once grew beneath had burned away. That was one of the strange things happening.

The other was that Henkka, who had just been made the new leader of Bio-Land, has disappeared! Only a few days as a leader and he's already gone! New leader elections are going on, and there are some pretty good candidates. I might vote for Trulug... he seems like a good leader. Although Tave could also be.

Well, the election will be soon, but first I have other things to take care of... like Matoran Hordika, who is desperate with her new vegetable garden... I'll write again soon.

24 December[]

Of course it had to happen again. I flew with Tapio and Matoran Hordika to Kohonga City to vote for the new leader of Bio-Land. After the vote Tapio and Matoran Hordika went back home, but I was so stupid that I wanted to stay in the city and do some shopping!

Well, there was nothing wrong about that, but when I was on my way home, far from any cities or villages, I felt a hard impact behind me, and I became unconscious.

25 December[]

When I woke up again, I started to run home quickly; I was afraid for my brother.

And for a good reason, for when I got there, Tapio was battling two creatures. I couldn't believe my eyes... they were Ziggo and Morphy. We had encountered them before, in our Quest for the Four Great Lands. They had been Firehead's helpers, although he had "mysteriously" disappeared. He wasn't here, but Ziggo and Morphy were... and battling my brother. What for?

Quickly, before nothing serious could happen, I charged forward.

26 December[]

The battle was over soon, after I created a Lightning prison around Morphy. Morphy was, at the time, in the form of a Toa of Water. When he got trapped in electricity, he was unable to change form again, for one reason or another. Ziggo was very easy. I simply shot a net at him and he was trapped, just like that.

"What happened here?" I asked Tapio.

"I- I don't know. Just as we were about to enter the house, Morphy and Zigoo just flew out of nowhere... and they were ordering us to take them to Nahi."

"Nahi?!" I was shocked.

"Yes. When we said no, they attacked us," Tapio answered.

Although I was surprised, I know very well why they had wanted to get Nahi. Nahi was the reason their plan over world domination had failed, after all.

"Alright, but now, let's take them to the police," I suggested.

29 December[]

We took Ziggo and Morphy to the police of Kohonga City, where the police asked us questions and then took them away. We got to return to our home shortly. It felt good to have another threat off your back now.

However, TV didn't agree. The news told that something strange was going on in the Drekor Desert. It wasn't yet known what, exactly, but some odd... things... had been noticed over there.

I'm afraid of what's coming. I could be wrong, but... I think Bio-Land is in danger... again.

4 January[]

Many things have happened since I last updated.

The Bio-Land's Leader Election is over, Tave being victorious as the new leader of Bio-Land. Not a bad choice, although I didn't vote him.

Then, something for the new leader of Bio-Land to solve.

Thousands of Spiders of Doom have been seen in the Drekor Desert, invading it and spreading fast. They have been in Bio-Land before, but were driven away by Tapio and Henkka. I never thought that they would come back again, after all these years.

Tofug City, the city closest to the scene, is preparing for trouble. According to Tapio, they're preparing for... a war.

5 January[]

I knew this would happen! I knew it, I knew it!

Today, it was officially told to the public that Tofug City is, indeed, in war against the Spiders of Doom. It began when the troops of the spiders had invaded Drekor Desert, Tofug Jungle and stepped foot on the beautiful Tofug City. The Toa in the city, along with several Matoran soldiers are even now battling the evil spiders on the south and west edges of the city.

And that's not all. Arthur, Tapio's old friend, has come; an engineer in Tofug City called him. After the call Tapio told me and Matoran Hordika that we're off to Tofug City itself, the city that is at war.

6 January[]

We have just arrived at Tofug City. Everything is in chaos here; Matoran and Toa running all around, bringing accessories to the soldiers at the south and west edge of the city and taking wounded soldiers to care. No children are allowed out and normal citizens have been commanded to their homes.

I, Tapio, Matoran Hordika and Nahi, who was brought by me in a wooden box, arrived at Arthur's lab. He greeted us and took us in. The lab is huge, with several other inventors and scientists working... on an large battleship.

"Thanks for coming," Arthur said. "We really need all the help we can get here."

"All right pal... so... how can we help you?" Tapio asked. Arthur had done many favors for him in the "old days" and now Tapio was happy he could do something in return. However, Arthur's face became serious, even a little bit sad.

"Well, you see..." Arthur started, hesitating first. "I need you all to fly with me on this battleship into the center of the fight."

8 January[]

It was at fascinating as it was frightening.

Just moments earlier we had all stepped into Arthur's Battleship. Then, suddenly, Arthur started it and we flew out of the lab. We then flew out of the Tofug City, seeing huge Spider attacks below us. We were to fly as far as we could, find the base of the Spiders of Doom and destroy it.

Everything didn't go planned, however. No, it wasn't the Spiders of Doom below us, firing their Rhotuka spinners at us. The battleship handled them well.

The problem was an airship, much smaller than ours, flying towards us, then over us. We thought that it was some Tofug City soldier... we were wrong.

We heard a clang somewhere on the ship. Tapio and Matoran Hordika went to investigate while I stood in the control room with Arthur.

They haven't returned.

I'm preparing to go and see what's going on. It's a tough thing to do, leaving Arthur responsible for the controls himself... but I must do it. After all, I've got a powerful jetpack, which might be our only hope.

9 January[]

Bad choice. A very bad choice.

Once I got out of the control room and observed a little, it didn't take long for me to see what was going on.

Two strange, heavily armored Matoran with Miru Nuva were fighting Tapio and Matoran Hordika.

Matoran Hordika was already stuck between two pipes. Tapio was battling both of the Matoran and was losing... hopelessly losing. He had various scratches all around his body and his Mask of Laser was missing pieces.

I charged and trapped one of the Matoran in electricity. The other one jumped and hit my fast with a sword. I got badly damaged in my left arm. I fell on the floor.

I used a shield to protect me for a while. Then I got up again and made a statis field around the Matoran. He struggled, but was trapped in stasis. Then I threw an electricity net on him too.

However, when I went to see Tapio, they freed themselves. I don't know how. They went to the control room before I could react. They attacked Arthur. I went in, only to see something horrible.

Hundreds of battleships flying straight at our ship.

The two Matoran hit Arthur in the head and jumped off our ship through the window. They had parachutes. Then they struck. The airships. There was a huge crash and everything shook. I threw a protective shield around myself and Arthur, protecting us from it all. Then, after much damage, our ship crashed on the ground. Even my shield didn't protect us from the impact; I think we both fainted.

18 January[]

Lots has happened since I last updated my journal.

After the ship had crashed, I woke up with Arthur. My shield has protected us from any greater damage. We went out and realized that we had landed near the Tabild Forest, somewhere. Then we noticed... where were Tapio and Matoran Hordika. We went to investigate the damaged ship and found them in very bad shape. Matoran Hordika hadn't been hurt badly, since she was stuck between two pipes during the crash that had protected her.

But then, Tapio was in VERY bad shape. In fact, he was dying, his heartlight flashing rapidly. Bits of his Protodermis armor were missing and there were several fractures in his body. Almost half of his Mask of Laser was missing, and the lens in the mask didn't work.

We immediately took Tapio in an emergency airship which was stored in the larger battleship. The emergency ship was intact and we used it to fly back to Tofug City.

There, we saw a battle raging far away. We took Tapio in a hospital, but they said they couldn't help him. Therefore, we took him to the best inventors in Tofug City. Arthur lead them in a project to heal Tapio.

I haven't seen him since. I'm hoping he'll be alright.

Arthur, however, came to me later and gave me a dangerous assignment. Since the battleship couldn't help us in executing it, I had to use my jetpack to turn invisible and fly all the way to Drekor Desert, and find the Visorak base.

Therefore, I left, invisible. I'm now flying above the Drekor Desert and I see thousands of spiders underneath. My jet-pack's censors are sensing something... maybe I'll soon find out what.

19 January[]

I made an amazing discovery.

After I had flew invisible over the Drekor Desert for hours, I finally found something besides Spiders of Doom. A building. It was a quite big building, with no windows. I flew around it, looking a it when I found a whole in one of the walls. It was clear that someone had made it forcefully. There were also footprints... of a Toa?! Those footprints led out of the building.

I decided to enter the tunnel that had been formed. It was a dark, but also a short one. When I got to the other end, I realized I was standing in a pit of some sort. There were walls rising high. I also saw something terrible.

A dead, red Toa and a Protocairn, chewing on the Toa's arm.

That's when I screamed. Although I was invisible, anybody could hear my sound. The Protocairn turned to look at me, as if it would see me. Some Matoran gathered high above the pit, looking down in confusion.

I went silent and flew up and out of the pit. Nobody noticed me, they just kept looking down into the pit. I found myself in a HUGE room, which propably took almost all of the building. There were several Matoran in the room, doing... stuff. I don't know what. Then there was a prison. In that prison, about... well... let's say about 30 Matoran were captured and guarded by two heavily armed Matoran. These Matoran had Miru Nuva like the two Matoran that had attacked our battleship earlier, but weren't them.

Then I saw the most shocking thing. On a platform, a Matoran stood. He didn't look much like a Matoran, but enough for me to see the species. He had white and green on him and a green, twisted Kanohi. He was talking to two Matoran, both wearing Akaku Nuva masks.

When the white and green Matoran turned around, I was shocked to see him... for I recognized him. He was the arch-nemesis of Henkka, former leader of many evil groups and the most traitorous of them all...


20 January[]

It really was him.

Then, all of a sudden, the door inside and out of the building opened and two blue Toa entered. As I looked closely, I saw more familiar faces.

Those Toa were Thul and Thal. Those two Toa had helped me and my brother many times over the years. They were twin sisters, Toa's of Water. And they had came to fight the Spiders of Doom.

Alex unleashed hundreds of spiders into the room. Thul and Thal battled. I was going to help them when all of a sudden they were defeated by the spiders' Rhotuka and taken into a prison and chained on the wall. I decided I wouldn't continue the fight alone and remained invisible.

I wouldn't leave this here, however. I would help Thul and Thal escape, and escape this twisted place myself, too.

22 January[]

I was in trouble. My invisibility time had run out just as I was going to sneak in the prison where Thul and Thal were held. Two Matoran guards with Miru Nuvas (again, different from the ones guarding the Matoran) saw me and attacked. I dodged the attacks and blew up the door of Thul and Thal's prison. They came out and shot water at the guards.

Numerous villains across the room charged at us. We decided to run away.

So we ran and found an elevator and used it to go down. There, we saw a tiny room with two doors and a twisted looking guard. After the guard was drowned by Thal, we entered one of the rooms. There were all kinds of means of transportation.

We were about to take an airship, but when we heard the villains coming, we decided we didn't have time to activate it. So we entered another vehicle and activated it. Just as the villains arrived, we started the vehicle and accidentally burst through the wall. And before we could blink, we were underwater with our... submarine.

As we drove away underwater, we could see the storage rooms of the villains flood.

24 January[]

We drove the submarine for a very long time underwater, near the cost of Drekor Desert. However, we soon went past it and arrived at the Bilda River's exit. We surfaced the submarine and looked out. We were amazed.

On the other side of the river, the Drekor Desert side, stood thousands of Spiders of Doom, apparently waiting for something. On the other side, was an army of Matoran, most of them keeping an eye on the spiders on the opposite side. Behind the Matoran forces were several tents, smoke coming out of them.

As soon as the spiders noticed us, they began firing their spinners at us. We quickly drove the submarine out of the way, on the Matoran side. The spiders stopped shooting.

We went to the shore and were greeted by few Matoran soldiers, who helped us on dry land.

"We don't know why you're here, but the Matoran Army greets you," said one of the soldiers.

"My name is Aino. These are—"

I started explaining when the other soldier interrupted.

"Aino? You're Aino?"

I nodded, confused. Suddenly the soldier grabbed me and took me into a tent. Inside the tent were some machines and three Matoran.

Arthur, Matoran Hordika, and... Tapio.

25 January[]

I was so excited to see my brother. Of course, he did look a little different than usual. The scientists had replaced many of his parts with robots', making him look a little weird, but alive.

"Aino, what did you learn in the base?" Arthur asked me.

"Well, you might be shocked to know that the leader of the Spiders of Doom is... Alex."

As I thought, the others were shocked indeed.

"Well, he's back then..." Tapio said.

"Yes... but there is still a lot to do. The Spiders of Doom have conquered all of Tofug City. Those who got away, came here. Now we have the armies of Kohonga City with us, on this side of the Bilda River. On the other side are the spiders... seemingly waiting for something. We must be ready fight when they attack," Arthur told me.

"Now, we are getting more help from Comic Land," he continued. "They just need someone from here to tell them the situation. Aino, would you go?"

"Yes, I will go," I answered.

"Great. You will get two warriors with you. You will fly with an airship there, immediately. Thul and Thal are going to return to Jikalma Village, as it's under attack. The spiders have the whole western side of Bio-Land. We really need to get help."

"Well, I'll get you some, then," I answered and went to the airship waiting for me. I waved Tapio goodbye and started towards Comic Land.

29 January[]

When we arrived at Port 709, in Comic Land, we saw a huge crowd of Matoran and lots of airships. They were prepared.

We spoke to Turaga Hakari, who was there. He had agreed to lend Bio-Land some help in the war and was ready to send Bz Guards to aid us. We were to lead the ships to the western end of Bio-Land, where the guards would ambush the Spiders of Doom.

So we set off. Our ship got two drivers, dressed in BZ Guard uniforms. We gave them directions and they drove. I and the two Bio-Land warriors just waited. Hey... I think I heard a voice from behind me...

31 January[]

Yes, I did hear a voice... a bad one...

Before I turned around, the two Bio-Land warriors traveling with me were paralyzed. I turned around and saw three Spiders of Doom. They fired at me, but I made a shield with my jet-pack. Then I froze them in stasis.

I turned to the two drivers of the ship, only to see two familiar faces. The two Matoran in Bz Guard uniforms weren't, in fact, Bz Guards. They were two Matoran with Akaku Nuva... it were those two Matoran that I saw in their desert base earlier, talking to Alex.

"What is all this?!" I cried out.

"We are Roks and Poks. And you're about to be dead," the other one said and took out a gun, firing at me. I dodged it and fired my own laser bolt at the Matoran. He dodged as well.

At that time, I could see we were over the Tohunga Village of Bio-Land. And as I looked out of the window, I saw that all the other airships from Comic Land had vanished. We had been fooled.

"You can't do this!" I shouted at Roks and Poks.

"Oh, yes we can," the other one answered.

I got angry. And it's not good.

In fury, I destroyed the controls of the airship. It began to fall. I broke the window and flew out, safe. Roks and Poks weren't that lucky. They fell with the airship somewhere near Jikalma Village. However, Jikalma Village was no longer there. It had been wiped out by the Spiders of Doom. They had fallen.

I used my jetpack to fly to the nearby Tohunga Village. They hadn't fallen.... yet. I decided to go there and ask about the status of the war.

1 February[]

When I arrived at the village, they took me to Tohunga Professor. I knew him well from past adventures and was happy to see him again.

"Nice to see you again, Aino," he said. "The war isn't going well. We Tohunga are still standing... but they'll break our walls after some more trying."

"Have you had many battles recently?" I asked.

"Yes. Several. And we have been victorious... but there's too many of them. Where others get defeated, there are always more. Although Thul and Thal told me that most of them are in the south right now..."

"Yes, there's some sort of a siege going," I answered.

"Yes... oh my, can you hear that?"

I turned around. Tohunga were shouting and running in the village, going into their positions.

"What is it?" I asked terrified.

"It's the spiders!" he answered me. "They're coming again!"

5 February[]

The battle was furious. The Spiders of Doom were pushing against the walls of Tohunga Village and the Tohunga had to give their best to keep them away. The spiders also attacked from air, many airships, piloted by those corrputed Matoran of Alex flew over us, dropping several spiders into the village, where they started fighting. There was screaming everywhere and all around Tohunga were fighting, fighting for their lives.

Most of these kinds of horrible situations have a good endings. This battle didn't.

Because in the end, Tohunga Village had to surrender. There were too many Spiders of Doom. I was about to sneak out using my jetpack when I was suddenly struck from behind. I fell on the ground. As I rolled around, I saw who had hit me. It was a tall, red Toa of Fire. But unlike most of the Toa, I could see pure evil in this one’s eyes. I understood immediately when an airship landed next to the Toa and I saw who came out.

It was Alex himself.

10 February[]

I was very surprised when I learned where Alex was taking us: Me, Tohunga Professor, Thul and Thal. As he and the evil Toa of Fire lead us towards the Tohunga Mountains, we saw as the Tohunga Village was full of Spiders of Doom, leading Tohunga into prisons. They then started turning the village into a fortress.

We walked in the mountains for some while until we arrived at a large building. It was the base of the Piraka when they were attacking Bio-Land. I knew, I had been in that battle. The base had since been left here, but now Alex is taking us there. I wonder why.

14 February[]

We finally got inside the building. Alex took us to a huge, very spacious room. It had nothing in it except two machines. I became worried. Those machines were originally created by Alex and were propably the most dangerous machines of all time.

"Finally, I have got Tohunga Village... and that way, the Tohunga Mountains too," Alex began speaking, but never looked at us. He stared outside the window of the room.

"You know how Bio-Land is faring against my army? They're losing. My army has conquered BOTH sides of the Bilda River now... those who still fight are at Kohonga City and Swamp City. But other than those cities and the Kowa Mountains, I have all of Bio-Land!" he continued.

"But... that’s not enough, is it?" I asked Alex. Alex turned and looked at me.

"That is correct", he said. "And that is exactly why I have come here... with this." Alex pulled out a Kanohi mask. We all gasped. It was Kanohi Vahi, the mask of time.

"How did YOU get that?" Thal shouted.

"I got it through a deal with the Dark Hunters, for whom it was stolen by Voporak," Alex explained. "And now I'm going to use it to become the ruler of this universe."

"How?" asked Thul.

Alex walked over to one of the machines. "This machine was once powered by this particular mask... but it was stolen from me. But now I can activate this machine again... I can activate the Life Machine."

"No!" Thal shouted. She broke her bounds with pure rage and rushed towards Alex. The red, corrupted Toa attacked Thal. He took hold of her and threw her at a platform, a bit higher than the floor.

Thul broke her own bounds and rushed to help her sister. The red Toa started battling her. Soon all three Toa were battling on the platform.

This was when Alex reacted. Seeing as the others were on the platform, he switched one of the machines on. This one didn't need the Vahi to work.

Everything above the platform started glowing brightly. Soon it was impossible to see Thul, Thal or the red Toa. They were covered in pure light. Then came an extremely loud noise!

During this, a part of the wall broke. Tapio and Matoran Hordika rushed in with two Bio-Land warriors!

15 February[]

"Stop him! Stop that Matoran!" Tapio shouted. But it was too late.

Alex started to glow as well. Then he grew larger and larger... while Thul, Thal and the red Toa on the platform shrunk. When it was over, the light faded... and revealed the new Alex. He was now slightly taller than a Toa and looked very powerful. The three Toa on the platform, however, were no longer Toa. They were Turaga. And if I remember that machine correctly, False Turaga.

"No..." Tapio said and looked at Alex. Alex laughed.

"Now, I have succeeded in my task... now I’m ready to rule, to conquer... to get hold of this and many other lands. And that is exactly what..."

Alex was interrupted by the base shaking hard. A wall broke and a Toa flew in. This Toa seemed very familiar. He landed right next to me and pointed his spear at Alex, saying:

"That is exactly what you’re not going to do. For it is my destiny to make sure of that... I am Toa Henkka!"

16 February[]

"Henkka..." Alex started.

"Henkka! What's happened to you! You're a Toa!" I was excited to see Henkka after a very long time. Especially when he was a Toa... he might be our only hope now.

"I have come here to end your plan for good," Henkka said to Alex.

"You have no chance of that! I have the Vahi... nothing can stop me! YOU won't stop me!"

Alex readied an energy ball in his hand, while Henkka readied his spear and shield. Then the earth began to shake. Actually, it seemed that the whole universe shook.

We all fell. I rolled over to the window and looked out. It was very staggering. The sea had gone mad! Giant whirlpools formed and disappeared! The sea level rose and lowered! The whole world was shaking with amazing force, bringing down even mountains! Some parts of Bio-Land were completely flooded by giant water waves as some shores were completely drained of it. A huge tidal wave washed across Bio-Land.

Then I saw it. It was very, very far away but I could see it. An enormous head-like thing rose from the sea far away, destroying an island in the process. The earthquake got stronger as something even more gigantic and huge rose from below. The sea went crazy as the most enormous thing ever rose from underneath it, rising high above the clouds. Bio-Land was badly damaged during the process. Because of the earthquake, I fell again. I saw as the others had fallen too.

Then it stopped.

It was deadly quiet for a moment. I stood up and ran to the window again. I saw a giant, titanic... thing... or a being, standing next to Bio-Land. I could only see its feet, since the rest of its massive body was above the clouds. Pieces of earth and rubble fell of it into the ocean.

"Wh-What-What is... What is THAT?" I asked.

"It's not a that, it’s a who," Henkka said. We had all gathered at the window now. We stared at the being, astonished.

"It is that who we have been waiting to awake for centuries," Henkka continued. "Mata Nui has risen."

17 February[]

"Ma — Mata Nui?" Matoran Hordika was amazed.

"Yes... but this is far from good!" Henkka said.

"What do you mean? He's awake once again!" Tapio asked.

"No... it is Teridax who they have awakened."


"The Makuta of Metru Nui... Teridax is his real name."

Suddenly, we saw something flashing in Mata Nui's body. Next a small glowing object rocketed into space, vanishing from our sight.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Just as I feared... Teridax has taken control over Mata Nui’s body and the Matoran Universe. He captured the REAL Mata Nui's spirit and put it into the Ignika, the Mask of Life. Then he banished him out of his own universe within the mask... so that he couldn't defeat him."

"Well, looks like you failed with that one!" Alex snarled at us, still holding the Kanohi Vahi. "As Teridax controls the Matoran Universe, I will control everything outside it! Including this land and many others!" Then he inserted the Mask of Time into the machine and turned it on.

"NO!!" Henkka shouted at fired Protodermis at Alex. He dodged and grabbed Henkka. They both fell on the machine, which was starting itself at the moment. After the impact, energy covered the Vahi, Henkka and Alex and they vanished: Henkka in blue light and Alex in red. When it was over, Henkka and Alex had completely vanished... and so had the Vahi. The machine was no longer working.

"Wh-What just happened?" Tapio wondered.

"They just... vanished," I said. Then I looked out of the window at Mata Nui's body. "And there is more trouble... if Henkka really is right about Teridax controlling the universe... we might as well vanish too."

February 20[]

After Henkka and Alex had vanished, we exited the base: me, Tapio, Matoran Hordika, Tohunga Professor, Thul and Thal in their new False Turaga forms and two Bio-Land Matoran Warriors. They were keeping sure that the previously red and corrupted Toa of Fire, now just a False Turaga, wouldn't escape.

We went to the Tohunga Village. We were horrified by the sight. It was all... the whole village was... leveled. Most of the huts were down and several Tohunga were dead. Almost all statues, fences and other buildings were destroyed. However, we did encounter something good... the village was no more under the control of the Spiders of Doom.

Several Tohunga wandered around the village, fixing huts and searching for survivors. When we came, they were most relieved. Tohunga Professor started leading the process of fixing the village. He gave us else a hut where we could discuss along with a cage where the red False Turaga was put in.

February 22[]

"So... now what?" I began the conversation.

"Bio-Land has been damaged badly... but even worse is that Teridax now controls Mata Nui's body," Tapio replied. "Since we are outside the Matoran Universe, however, it’s up to us to save them. After all, there is little the ones inside the universe can do about this."

"That's correct," Matoran Hordika agreed. "But where should we start?"

"If what Henkka said is true..." Thal began, "Mata Nui's real spirit isn't gone, but is up there, somewhere, in space, trapped in a Kanohi mask. I think that the best option would be that someone went up there somehow... and tried to find it"

"That's impossible!" Matoran Hordika argued.

"No, it isn't," Tapio said. "Nothing is impossible for the greatest inventor of all time... space travel isn't impossible for Arthur."

February 23[]

As we walked along what once had been Bilda River, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The view around was horrible. Everything was wet and leveled. The Bilda River wasn't even there! We couldn't see the other side. Looked like the ocean had swallowed the western side of Bio-Land... I hoped not!

Many lakes had been formed, all around. Looks like that huge tidal wave did its job...

And all the while, while we were walking on the wet ground of Bio-Land, the gigantic body of Mata Nui stood there, next to Bio-Land, clearly visible all the time. We’re lucky it hadn’t started moving yet... I wonder why, though.

We had a simple mission. Find Arthur and find a way to get the Kanohi Ignika back onto our planet. Tapio said that they had let Arthur with the army battling the Spiders of Doom. But we recently found out that they had lost the battle before the awakening of Mata... I mean, Teridax.

We would have a long journey ahead in this formerly glorious, now dangerous, land.

March 1[]

We searched for days and eventually found the remains of the camp where the army had battled the Spiders of Doom. We found hundreds of strange spheres all around. Tapio went to one and opened it cautiously. Inside was Arthur. Arthur awoke and came out while all the other pods opened and the soldiers came out of them. We were confused but Arthur explained that it was all part of his emergency plan to save everyone by telling them to go in these canisters designed by him. The pods were indestructible and were used when Mata Nui awoke to prevent them all from dying.

I explained that the Makuta was in control of Mata Nui's body, which shocked everyone in the scene. Arthur thought about it for a moment but finally he told us that he might have a plan to free the Matoran Universe from Teridax.

March 10[]

Me, Tapio, Matoran Hordika, Arthur and several Matoran soldiers were walking through the destroyed Tofug Jungle.

"This place was beautiful once," Arthur said, surprising Tapio. Arthur had never cared about the beauty of anything.

We finally arrive din our destination: The Tofug City. It was in ruins now, and we encountered some Spiders of Doom. We defeated them after a short battle and arrived at a building. Although damaged, it’s elevator still worked and it took us far beneath the ground, in Arthur’s former labratory.

"Okay, here's the plan," Arthur started. "Mata Nui was put asleep long ago with some viruses. We only have to create a similar virus, learn how to use it, and we can put Teridax to sleep in the same way. Then we just have to get Mata Nui's spirit back so he can steal his body back like Teridax did to Mata Nui."

"But, Mata Nui's spirit... it's far out in space!" Tapio noted.

"Well, I have a plan for that too. There is a spaceship somewhere here in the archvives of my lab. I will repair it and you can use it to fly in space and find the Ignika, where Mata Nui's spirit is."

"You mean that we must search space for a small mask? It's like searching for a widget in Gruissiono!"

"I know it's not easy, but it must be done."

Everyone went silent. We knew that the mission was almost impossible, but Arthur was right. It had to be done.

March 20[]

After many days, Arthur finally finished repairing the spaceship. Tapio volunteered to go to space and Matoran Hordika did so too. I was about to but Arthur stopped me.

"You can't go, Aino. Spaceflight is really hard, and they need me on the trip. Someone smart must stay behind and help my workers here create the virus. I'll give you some secret files so you can lead the project. But don't worry, I have left my best assistant here. He's in another room now. He will help you."

"But... when will YOU come back?" I asked, and looked at Tapio.

"I don't know... maybe in a year or so..."

We all knew that was not true. It would take a much longer time, it was very likely that they wouldn't return at all. A tear formed in my eye as I realized that I might never see my big brother again.

March 22[]

It was the day of the launching. Today Tapio, Matoran Hordika, Arthur and three Matoran soldiers would leave to space to look for the Ignika. I said goodbye to Tapio and sniffed. I hugged Tapio and he hugged me just before they left. And when they left, I watched at waved at them. After their spaceship was out of sight, I burst into tears and went into another room to cry so the lab workers wouldn’t notice me.

March 30[]

It has been many days since Tapio and his company left. And today was the time I could try and communicate with them through a special radio telephone for the first time. Arthur had said not to use it before.

I went for the special device and put it on. Then I tried to reach the travlers of the spaceship. After a while, connection was formed and I spoke.

"Tapio! Matoran Hordika! Are you alright?"

"Yes, we're alright," came the reply from Tapio. I was so happy to get a chance to speak to him again.

"We have just pierced the atmosphere and are on our way towards the moon."

"That's great," I said. "I'll keep in touch with you!"

The conversation ended quickly. According to Arthur, we were allowed to speak for only a few seconds since it took so much energy and they really needed it up in the space.

April 10[]

It has been a few weeks since Teridax took control of the body of Mata Nui. We, a group of myself and scientists and soldiers are working on a virus that could put the Makuta into sleep. I wonder why Teridax still hasn't moved in his new body at all... he hasn’t moved an inch. Perhaps it's just difficult to control an entire universe...

However, it's a matter of time until Teridax makes his first move, and when a being that size moves... terrible things will happen. So we must be quick. I just hope Arthur and Tapio are alright.

April 20[]

Today I heard from Tapio, Arthur, and their company again. They are already very close to the moon orbiting our planet. They will begin their search there. Landing takes a lot of energy, and that's why our conversation remained short now too. But I'll get a chance to talk to them later.

Also, our small group in the underground lab of Tofug City have finally gotten word from other cities. Kohonga City is badly damaged but many survived the rising of the Matoran Universe. However, Swamp City has been completely destroyed, killing many inhabitants. Also, many new big lakes have been formed.

April 30[]

I haven't left the lab for weeks now. I have heard news of the outer world, but I haven't been there for a long time myself. The scientists here have not yet succeeded in creating the right type of virus and I’m getting a little impatient. Therefore I have started to already plan the usage of the virus and how to do it.

First of all, someone must get inside the Matoran Universe. A possible way is through the Kini-Nui. I know it hasn't been fully destroyed and, it works like a passage to the Matoran Universe...

May 5[]

Today I had another call with Tapio. They had landed on the moon safely and had found a tunnel that led inside. Tapio told me they were going to go in, but would have to leave the spaceship on the surface. Therefore, we couldn't talk again until they returned — if they returned.

I was wery down about the news. I said goodbye and good luck to him and as we ended the call, I couldn't be without thinking... will they get into trouble inside the moon? Will there be a situation where they would need me? I should at least be there with my powerful jet-pa...

The ground has become shaking violently.. it's like... like an earthquake! I must stop writing now and see what this is about...

May 10[]

The day we have all feared came few days ago. The Matoran Universe finally started moving and walking on the sea. As the enormous being walked, the whole planet shook violently. Bio-Land became more damaged than it was after the rising. Luckily, Teridax didn't step on Bio-Land. He, however, has certainly crushed other lands under his new feet.

Eventually Teridax disappeared behind the horizon. However, if he is not going to leave this planet, he'll come back to us. And who knows what he might do.

We must be quick making the virus...

May 15[]

Last night someone spoke to me in my dreams. His voice was soft and caring and he said:

"Aino, the doom of all living on this planet is near. They must be saved. They must not die because of Teridax."

"How... how can I save them? We're trying to create the virus, but..." I answered to the voice.

"Assemble them all. Collect every living being that deserves to be rescued from the entire planet and bring them to the Kowa Mountains," the voice explained. Then I woke up.

This morning I told about my dream to the scientists. They are packing their things even now, as I write my entry. They will then assemble all the Matoran of Tofug City and lead them to the Kowa Mountains.

Meanwhile, I'll be going to other lands...

May 20[]

It was hard sailing on a sea that had gone mad, but I succeeded in reaching Gruissiono after all. I was shocked as I looked around me. Everything had been... destroyed. And there was nobody in sight.

Then I spotted a lone guard patrolling the shores. I went to him and asked where everyone was. He told me they were in the Prison Cave hiding, where they had once been locked away by Bruhodag. I told the guard that they needed to go to the Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land. We took the Matoran of Gruissiono from the cave and sent them off to Bio-Land in a ship. It was very sad to see how few had survived. There were only a couple of hundreds Matoran left. There used to be thousands.

May 25[]

My next destination was the Comic Land. When I got there, I demanded to see the leader. He took me to his chamber and I explained everything to him. He said he would assemble all the Matoran of Comic Land and begin a mass migration to the Kowa Mountains. And while they would do that, I would continue to spread the word of a sanctuary in the Kowa Mountains to other lands.

May 30[]

I was very nervous travelling to my next destination. The island of Feritanaya, my original home, me and my brother's original home.

It has been many years, over a millennium, since I last was on the island. I barely remember, I was so small back then... I only remember that my parents were killed there and Inwirn turned evil in that land. Tapio's best friend was also killed in that land. Those are also the reasons why I never returned to my homeland before...

But now I must return. I must return there to help the Matoran. I must tell them to sail to the Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land. I only hope I won't start crying there... the place is full of bad memories for me.

June 2[]

It felt so special to step on the ground of Feritanaya for the first time in a thousand years. There was something special about that moment, I'll never forget it.

The land hadn't changed much. I ran as quickly as possible, to the center of the island, to the Ruling House. There the leaders of Feritanaya decided about very important things. When I arrived, they were discussing the Rising that had recently shaken all of the planet.

They were suprised to find me interrupt their conversation. I quickly told about my vision and about the mass migration that had begun for the whole planet. At first they didn't believe me but I finally convinced them to leave and take the Matoran with them.

As I saw the inhabitants of that land leave, I also noticed something else. The house where I was born. The house where Tapio was born... and the house where our parents were killed.

It was owned by someone else, someone that was just leaving with the other Matoran. When that Matoran left, I began walking towards the house until I heard a voice behind me.

"Aino, is that you?"

I turned around only to see someone I did not expect to see ever again. It was my aunt, the one that had taken care of me after my parents got killed, for a few years. When I left Feritanaya with Tapio, I didn't tell my aunt about it and never saw her since. But now, she stood before me, with teardrops running down along her Kanohi.

June 3[]

"Aino... it... it really is you..." she said.

"Yes...," I replied in a quiet voice. The next thing I noticed was her hugging me and me hugging her. It was all so emotional.

"Where did you go a thousand years ago? You and Tapio just diappeared!" she asked me.

"We... certainly you heard the rumors?"

"Yes... I heard that the Matoran of this land all turned against Tapio, because he did something... but was just fake. He was framed for all that."

"That's right... so you know?"

"Everyone knows. No one is angry at Tapio anymore. The police started investigating and found out that it wasn't Tapio... but nobody could find him for an apology. Where is he now?"

I was quiet for a moment. Tapio was in space afterall, and I hadn't heard from him in days.

"I..." I started.

"I'll tell you everything about what has happened to us during these thousand years... but you must go now. You must go to the Kowa Mountains with the other Matoran quickly before Teridax sees you."


"The Makuta of Metru Nui is controlling that massive robot that you saw earlier. He's walking the planet surface, but could do anything anytime. But at the Kowa Mountains you'll find sanctuary. I was told that it's the only place where Teridax cannot strike. Go there!"

"You'll come too?"

"No, I must first visit all the other lands and tell those Matoran to come too. Now go!"

"No, I'm not going to lose you again! You left without telling me, now it won't happen! You're like my own child, Aino. I don't want to spend the next thousand years just wondering where you and your brother are!"

This made me speechless. I didn't want to lose her either, but she had to go!

"I'll come with you, Aino," my aunt said suddenly. I hesitated for a monent and then replied.

"All right. You can come. But let's go quick!"

We ran to an empty boat and started a journey to another land together. While sailing, we saw the Matoran of Feritanaya, all sailing to the other direction, towards Bio-Land.

June 5[]

When I was little and lining with my aunt, I always dreamed about travelling around the world with her. Of course, I also dreamed everything around us would be intact. This wasn't the case now.

Our next stop was Takua Nui, an island named after the Matoran Takua that had since become Takanuva, the Toa of Light. And he was at this time also trapped in the Matoran Universe, under Teridax's reign. I wished I could help Takanuva and all the other beings inside the universe. However, my mission was to help the ones on the planet surface. And this I did.

My aunt and I told Takua Nui's inhabitants about the Great Migration and told them to move. They believed us, fortunately, and started packing right away. While me and my aunt left again with our boat, we could see the Takua Nui ship sailing far away towards Bio-Land. I hope they make it to the Kowa Mountains alive.

June 10[]

While sailing to our next destination, Forthore, we saw Makuta Teridax in Mata Nui's body. It was quite far away, but surely you can see something as big as that from a long distance.

Soon we arrived at the western island realm of the island. We found out that the Matoran there were panicking and packing stuff in a hurry. That was good, I think.

We found a Matoran we could talk to.

"Listen, spread this word to all inhabitants of this island. The Great Migration has begun. And the Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land is it's destination. Move there and you'll be safe!"

The Matoran agreed to tell this to everyone. While he continued to spread the word of the Great Migration on the island, me and my aunt left for another island.

June 15[]

We arrived to the next island, Coska Nui, quickly. We asked the Matoran there to see the leader of that land and they took us to Opehri, who was, to our surprise, a Kralhi. An intelligent one, of course, but still he was a strange leader.

He told us that the original leader had died during the Rising, and that he had been elected as leader. We told him about the Great Migration and about the fact that they had to move to the Kowa Mounains in order to stay alive.

"Very well," he said. "If that's the only way to save my people, I'll guide them to the Kowa Mountains."

We thanked him and left again, this time for the island of Kiel.

June 20[]

We arrived at Kiel. It was cold. VERY cold. Me and my aunt were freezing! We found Keelefra, the leader of the island, and told him about the Great Migration.

"Do you seriously think that we'll just move away from our home right away after a stranger comes and tells us to do it?" he argued.

"I'm only telling you to do it because it's the only way to save your people!"

"Listen, girl, we have lived on this island for many years and have survived many hazards and constant cold! If we could've survived then, we can sure survive now!"

"There is a UNIVERSE walking on this planet! If it steps on your island, you're finished right away! You can't fight a universe! You have to save your people!"

This made Keelraf silent. He thought for a moment and then spoke again.

"Very well... we'll think about it at the Kiel Council."

"Think about it?"

"Yes. and if we decide to come, we will. But if the decide not to, we remain here."

I didn't want to argue with him anymore. I said okay and left with my aunt for another island. This time, it was an island named Laksuj-Konom.

June 25[]

Laksuj-Konom... what a place. We arrived there soon after leaving Kiel, we sailed very fast. We found a few Matoran and told them about the Great Migration. They believed me immediately and started packing for the move. They also agreed to spread word of the migration all over the island. So that was easy.

June 30[]

I will never forget this day in my life and I will make sure it never is forgotten.

I was sailing with my aunt to another island when, suddenly, a huge storm began. However, I was frightened by it... 'cause I felt hope and light in it. We were surrounded by light... and suddenly we were in a new place.

It was definitely the Kowa Mountains. However, things looked a little different... there were buildings built everywhere and there were so much people...

Then, all of a sudden, I heard a voice all over me. It recognized it right away... it was Tapio's!

"Tapio, Tapio, where are you?!" I asked exited.

"I'm nowhere, Aino... and at the same time I am everywhere. But not for long."

"What... what do you mean?"

"I have become. I am above all you've ever known now, sister. And soon I have to say goodbye... I don't have long in this world."

"Are you... are... you... dead?"

"No, my life is just beginning... a life where I'm the life itself. But you can't be a part of that life, Aino. You are now in the Kowa, the holy land, as are the others from your planet. Take care of them, Aino. Take care of our universe. And the most important thing of all... remember all that has happened. Our family, me, our adventures... together and apart. Use that memory to bing hope during the hopeless... light during darkness... and happiness during pain."

"I will, Tapio..." I said, tears dropping down my eyes. Then, in front of me, I could see Tapio in his original form... as a normal Matoran. He came to me. I hugged him, and to my relief, he hugged back.

It was really hard to know that this was the last time we would ever see each other. and as we hugged and both cried, I could feel him disappearing... leaving somewhere, I don't know where. Soon there was no sign of Tapio. I was hugging empty air.

"Aino, are you alright?" my aunt asked me. She was next to me.

"I have news to everyone here in the Kowa," I answered. "A news of hope, a news of happiness... a news of a great loss."

As me and my aunt walked deeper into the Kowa, I knew, inside me, that wherever my brother is... he will never forget us.