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"So I see you've survived that black hole of yours, too, Zevrroei. I've been meaning to tell you: You're going to have to pay for that."
―Ahzrnokk taunting Destrix
Great Being
Brotherhood of Makuta, Dark Hunter-Makuta Alliance, The Fallen
Shadow, Fusion, limited Time
Spear of fusion, claws, fangs, wing blades

Ahzrnokk is one of the Next Generation.


Creating the Fallen[]

Ahzrnokk was a Next Generation Great Being, from the line of the Great Being Karzahni. However, during the fall of Kazahrni, Ahzrnokk supported his father instead of taking shelter with Artahka.

He was declared an outlaw by the Great Beings, and in response he led a rebellion called The Fallen, with Vaulg as his deputy. The Order of Mata Nui and Brotherhood of the Makuta were created to suppress The Fallen. When they did not appear to be enough, Artahka's line was called to stop them, and upon doing so, Ahzrnokk met Zevrroei, his rival and half-brother.

Brotherhood of Makuta[]

At one point, Ahzrnokk sent Vaulg on a mission to obtain the spear of fusion. In doing so, Vaulg received a message from the now-corrupt Brotherhood of Makuta, stating that they wanted Ahzrnokk to join their ranks. He accepted, and gained a powerful reputation among the Brotherhood. He used his high position in the organization as leverage to get Teridax to accept the Fallen into the Brotherhood and its allies.

During his time in the Brotherhood Ahzrnokk was later able to create a Kraata that completely took over its host's mind, which he used to create an army of infected Next Generation. He attempted to make Zevrroei (as Destrix) join his ranks, though his plan failed.

The Kraata was later discovered by Mutran, who experimented on it in an attempt to make it more powerful, only to weaken it instead. The mutation was bred and distributed throughout the Makuta's ranks, becoming known as the shadow leech.

An alliance[]

Ahzrnokk managed to convince the Shadowed One into allying with the Makuta, and then used his massive army to take over most of the Matoran Universe's islands.

Ahzrnokk is currently defending against an Order of Mata Nui raid on Destral.

Powers and abilities[]

Ahzrnokk is in full control over the elemental power of shadow, and is also capable of controlling fusion. He is believed to have limited time abilities.


Strength: 20
Agility: 18
Toughness: 20
Mind: 20

Personality and traits[]

Ahzrnokk is extremely cunning and manipulative; it is rumored that he was able to get a Toa to jump off a cliff under the illusion the stone in his hand would make him fly.

He is cruel to others, and takes pleasure in forcing victims eat a nest of Nui-Rama, then watching as they hatch and eat their way through the victim's body. He is famous for his temper, and is known to bite off the head of any nearby being if something were to go wrong.


  • The Invasion


  • The Violette Wars


  • The Rahkshi were based on Ahzrnokk.
  • Ahzrnokk has a complex plan in motion which not even Vaulg knows about.
  • Rumors are that he plans to awaken Kardas.