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Fangs, talons

The Ahool is a intelligent, bat-winged creature that lives in the Bara Magna region of Spherus Magna.


During the Core War, three Sand Tribe warriors reported that while scouting a cave system, a large, bat-winged creature swooped down on them. They described that it was the size of two warriors combined with massive wings, fierce talons, and sharp teeth. The warriors stated that the beast had attacked them for several hours, until dawn, when it retreated.

Throughout the rest of the Core War, many other soldiers reported seeing or being attacked the creature, all with the same descriptions. One report from a Water Tribe warrior named Hakoro indicated that the creature is actually sapient. He stated that while scouting in Knee Island, he heard a harsh, rasping voice talking in a strange language before the creature attacked.

While escorting Agori into the safer desert of Bara Magna, Akitaro, along with his fellow warriors were stalked by the creature during their expedition. It wasn't until they reached the desert when the creature stopped attacking.

After the Shattering ended the Core War, no further sightings of Ahool were made until the war between the Skrall and the Baterra occurred. A soldier Skrall named Intergroz sighted the creature flying overhead before being attacked by Baterra.

After the Battle of Atero, the bat was sighted by the Ice Tribe Agori Metus when traveling to Roxtus. The creature swooped down on the Agori for several hours until it disappeared. The night before the Battle of Roxtus, Berix saw the creature near the Hot Springs and noticed Metus going inside.

The creature has not been seen since the Battle of Bara Magna.

Powers and abilities[]

The Ahool is described as a bat-like creature twice the size of a Glatorian. It has massive wings, sharp fangs, and talons large enough to lift a Special Forces Skrall into the air.

It is also said to speak a bizarre language with a hoarse voice, indicating that Ahool is a sapient being.

A Vorox named Ko-Ka-Tra, who was one of the first Ahool eyewitnesses, theorized that the creature was programmed to kill any armed being, much like the Baterra, and may be attracted to warfare. Nothing has been shown to back up this claim.


  • Ahool is based on a real-life cryptid also called "Ahool," said to exist in the rainforests of Java, Indonesia. It is also TheLostGreatBeing's favorite cryptid.