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Occupation Adventurer
Element Psionics
Kanohi None
Tools Telekinetic projections
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Ah-DAH-ree

Adare is a Runask of Psionics from the Altronia Continuity.


Adare came into existence on Mertiros, as do all Runask and Varen. At some point, she left the island and began traveling the world.

She encountered Sybeko through some unknown circumstances.

Powers and Abilities


  • Elemental Psionics Control:
    • Psionic Manipulation: Adare is able to interfere with the minds of others in myriad ways, her abilities including telepathy, mental projection, mind control, illusion casting, mental shielding, mental attack, and sleep initiation.
    • Telekinesis: Adare is able to manipulate the world in various ways using her mind.
    • Mental Energy Absorption: Adare is able to absorb energy from thoughts and other minds, either to remove ideas or to calm an anxious mind.
  • Astral Physiology: As with Runask of Psionics, Adare exists in an astral state and has no proper body. In her "physical" form, she really merely enables others to perceive her as a physical being, and manipulates inanimate objects and environs with her telekinesis. The ability to exist in this state is innate and not explicitly coordinated by Adare. As an astral being, she can forego her false body and exist as thought, and in doing so she loses none of her mental abilities.
  • Apparent Power: Adare, in her "physical" form, can emulate many physical powers, including enhanced strength (by use of telekinesis) and agility, teleportation, and shapeshifting, all because she has no real body and can appear however she wishes.
  • Kanohi Usage: Adare can wear and use Kanohi of both Noble and Great power level in her telekinetic form, and if she does they will transform into thought along with her.
  • Telekinetic Projections: Adare is able to emulate real weapons by manifesting telekinetic fields in the shape of tools if she so desires.


  • Communication: Adare is a master at conversation in many ways, since she can not only perceive how others wish to be spoken to, but also because her abilities have enabled her to learn about people and their differences. This also allows her to pass her knowledge on to others, making her an effective teacher, as well.
  • Deception: Being made of pure thought enables Adare to trick others at a fundamental level, by making them perceive something that is not there.


  • Sidd made his first Doctor Who reference by naming this character, albeit an obscure one. "Adare" is derived from the second part of the name "Vashta Nerada," a race of shadowy, almost imperceptible beings.
  • Sidd has no plans for an image for Adare because she frequently changes her "physical" appearance.