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Electrical Energy

Toa Adar, guardian of electrical energy, is the leader of his 3 guardian brothers, Voxra, Constello, and Sorge. He was created by the Great Beings to be guardian of 1 of the 4 lost energies. He wears a Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth.


Centuries ago, the Great Beings needed guardians to watch over Spherus Magna. they created the 4 first Toa, Adar, Voxra, Constello and Sorge. They wielded the power of the 4 lost Energies, electrical energy (Adar), molten energy (Sorge), biological energy (Voxra) and cosmic energy (Constello).

Adar was the 3rd guardian created, but the Great Beings knew his energy was capable of the most and so placed him the leading position, which slightly angered Sorge, being the eldest. Along with his brothers, he has fought the likes of Teridax, theDark Hunters and a fatal battle with Azator the Vengeful.

SAM 1771

Adar wielding his Energy Crossbow


Adar wears the Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth. He wields the mighty Thunder Blade, as well as an energy crossbow.

Personality and Traits[]

SAM 1767

Adar's Kanohi Volitak

Though a leader, Adar is the more youthful of his brothers. After his death at the hands of Azator, the vengeful, Adar was ressurected with the help of the redeemed Cylclodrone peak. However, his Toa Stone could not rebuild him in his state, and so combined him with the parts of the defeated Cyclodrone Electron thus evolving his form and weapons. His torn, black cape has become an icon to his brothers.

SAM 1770

Behind the iconic cape


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