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Adaptive Armor
Lewa Phantoka
Assisting wearer in several environments
Extra resistance and abilities
In use

Adaptive Armor is a form of armor originally crafted by Artakha, which allows the wearer to shapeshift to adapt to their environment. It is commonly used by Toa

Known forms[]

When in its default configuration, the armor reverts to a state similar to the ordinary armor of its respective wearer.

Desert Form[]

This form is suited for those traveling across harsh deserts and wastelands, such as Bara Magna. The user's Kanohi develops sand filters and shaded eyepieces, protecting their eyes from the sands and sun. An internal cooling system and a hydration pack are added to prevent dehydration. The armor also develops extra seals around the joints to keep the sand out.

Sometimes, this armor also acts as a disguise, making the user appear as if they were a Glatorian. Notable examples of this are Hydros and Kylord (though neither have yet to put these forms to use), along with the Toa Nuva.

Ice/Snow Form[]

In areas where warmth is scarce, the armor adds insulating layers beneath its plates to shield the wearer from the extreme cold. Other known gadgets include thermal-vision, telescopic lens, eye filters, skies, and snowshoes.

Tools would allow the user to climb or shovel their way through, though ranged weapons might be a rarity depending on the visibility of their environment.

Jungle Form[]

This form is designed to adapt to the terrain of a jungle, such as forests of Bota Magna. Known adaptations include an internal cooling system and a radar for seeing through dense foliage.

Cutting tools are often included with this, allowing the user to chop their way through if need-be. Lewa took on this form when he was brought onto Bota Magna.

Hazard form[]

In this form, the armor hardens and takes on a more bulky form. The armor develops a resistance to radiation as well as to other hazardous materials, such as venoms and mutagens. Changes include gas-filters attached to the mask, impact-proof eye-filters, and Geiger counters.

While most forms include melee weapons, this one leans towards firearms and other long-range weapons (though some occasionally come with hidden blades).

Shadow form[]

In this form, the user's weapons are adapted to suit the elemental channeling of Shadow, and also adapts the coloring of the armor, to suit the new element.

Sky form[]

In areas of little solid ground such as the skies of Karda Nui, the armor drastically changes to include various flight systems. The specific flight equipment depends on the user. It also forms a filter over the user's eyes, protecting them from damage at high speeds.

Space Form[]

This form appears when the user is in the depths of space. Known adaptations include repository devices for breathing, an extreme resistance to cold temperatures (preventing the user from freezing to death), and some navigational tools (thrusters and the like).

Lewa took on this form when he and several other beings were teleported into space by Teridax.

Spelunking Form[]

This form is used when the user is exploring underground areas. The suit adapts by stacking metal onto the armor, providing protection form potential cave-ins. The armor also gives the user resistance to molten Protodermis. A tube is generated, connecting to the face and running along the user's arm; it connects to a tiny air socket, allowing the wearer to breathe in areas with low oxygen levels.

It also grants the user a mining tool capable of breaking through the toughest materials. However, these tools are often short-or-melee ranged, with long-ranged ones being a rarity.

Star form[]

Should the user of the armor come in close contact with a star, the armor thickens, puts vents over the eyes, and creates a light and radiation filter.

Swamp form[]

The armor used in Karda Nui's swamp was similar to that used in its skies. The major difference was that rather than high speed flight equipment, the armor's swamp form had less powerful jets and fins to keep the user above the swamp floor. The eye filter was also active in this form.

Underwater form[]

In an underwater environment the armor develops a breathing system, with tubes connecting to the face of the wearer. The armor also adapts to protects the user against increased pressure.

Users also gain Cordak Blasters and, depending on the wearer, a melee weapon.

Vehicle form[]

When piloting certain vehicles such as the Axalara T9, the user's armor compresses and disables all external equipment, such as navigation tools and adaptive weapons. If a Kanohi is present, it sprouts fins for aerodynamic purposes, and visors that feature head-up displays for targeting assistance and maintenance monitoring.


Reign of the League universe[]

Artakha's adaptive armor[]

In the Reign of the League universe, Artakha's armor was capable of doing the same as the armor in the Prime Reality. A major difference was that the Toa wearing it was able to influence the armor slightly; for example, to get wings instead of jets, and a blade instead of a scythe.

Karzahni's adaptive armor[]

Karzahni, in the Reign of the League universe, created a version of the adaptive armor which shapeshifted to the attack style suitable for the battle. Toa were capable of influencing this version also, even more than with the armor of Karzahni's brother, Artakha. The armory mostly changed flexibility and strength, and did not often change the weapons of the user. Usually, the armor didn't even include a weapon.

Veuy's Adaptive Armor[]

The Alpha Being Veuy wears a custom version of the Adaptive Armor, developed by the Po-Matoran Defrejj. This armor is attuned to Veuy's shapeshifting abilities and grants him with the greatest advantage in any environment. The armor includes flight equipment. To indicate his position as Emir of the Alpha Beings, his mask and armor are coated in protochromium.

Known users[]


  • Soon, Vagra Nui Tales will release a new form of the adaptive armor, which is suited for Spherus Magna.
  • Ra once modified adaptive armor given to him by Artakha so that if he wanted, he could keep the form he had at the moment, boost his elemental power, and travel through time.
  • There is a Kanohi that grants the user similar abilities to the armor. Whether or not there is any connection between the two is currently unknown.