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Green, gray, black, white

Acid is one of the many secondary Elements. Despite its name, it allows control over both acids and bases.

Species wielders[]


  • Cor-Matoran represent the Element of Acid. They contain a minuscule amount of Elemental Acid energy, which takes the form of resistance to damage from strong acids and bases, both to their armor and their biology.
  • Toa of Acid possess the Elemental Power of Acid, allowing them to create, control and absorb acids and bases.
  • Turaga of Acid possess small traces of Elemental Acid Energy.


  • Skakdi of Acid would only be able to access their power if they worked with another Skakdi, or if they carried a weapon that allowed them to channel their Element.


  • Glatorian do not have natural Acid powers.


  • Lehvak were able to spurt a strong acid out of their shields.


  • Keelerak had limited acidic powers within their Rhotuka.


  • Creating acidic and alkaline substances, either on their own or in a water-based solution
  • Manipulating sufficiently acidic or alkaline solutions
  • Absorbing acids and bases
  • Changing and localizing the concentration/strength of acids and bases in solutions
  • Limited control over sufficiently acidic or alkaline solutions
  • Neutralizing the chemical effects of acids and bases
  • Unleashing an Acid Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)


Beings other than Toa cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage. As long as each wields a different element, providing Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.


Phosim, a Toa of Acid

Known Users[]


  • Acid is an Element frequently confused with Poison. The Element of Acid deals with true chemical acids and bases, while Poison-users control toxins.
  • How well a user of Acid can manipulate an acidic or basic solution depends on the concentration. The more the pH deviates from the neutral 7, the easier it is to control.
  • The Cor- prefix comes from the word corrosive.
  • Although naturally many biological molecules are acids, there are fewer acids in protodermis-based organic systems and often Matoran Universe beings are less than 25% organic. Due to these properties, Acid offers little control over the biology of organisms in the Matoran Universe, outside of causing certain behaviors in reaction to changes in amounts of acids or bases in the body.
  • Because of the damage Acid users can do to organisms with the acids and bases they create, they are often mistrusted or stigmatized.
  • Most Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Acid are female, although some are known to be male.
  • Cor-Matoran are extremely rare, and, as such, all live among other types of Matoran. As there are no communities majorly composed of Cor-Matoran, they have no distinct culture and hence no elemental virtue.