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"Take good care of it. It will give you an unimaginable power."
―An unidentified Great Being
Ability Scrolls
Teaching Great Being abilities
Some in use
Great Beings' underground hideout

The ability scrolls were scrolls containing methods of learning the abilities of an unidentified rogue Great Being.


The Ability Scrolls of the Great Beings were created by an unknown Great Being turned rogue after the explosion of the Prototype Robot. Because he carried so much information about his order, he was killed. After his death, his abilities were written in scrolls, which the Great Beings locked away.

The scrolls were taken to the Red Star after the Great Beings emigrated from Spherus Magna. There, the Scrolls were taught to a small number of pure-hearted Great Beings. After being stored in an underground chamber, the deceased rogue Great Being was revived by energy from the star. His escape lead to a short battle. After being killed again, his body was transformed into the scrolls once more.

After the problems on the Red Star, the Great Council decided the Scrolls needed to be transported to the Matoran Universe, and needed to be stored in a cave within the 'hide' of Mata Nui, deep under the surface. After being transported, two Great Beings stayed to guard the Scrolls.

After the escape of the League of Six Kingdoms, the two taught the abilities to Toa of the Secret Toa Resistance.

Known ability scrolls[]

  • Scroll of lie detection: This scroll locks the ability to detect lies by watching the liar's body.
  • Scroll of elemental control: This scroll locks the ability to control elemental power with pinpoint accuracy. A legend tells the first Toa of Nature has been given this ability, and that he has later passed it on from Toa to Toa.


  • The scroll of lie detection's power was based on the ability of a character from a crime series I watch, Lie to Me.