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"The darkest reign is here."
―Abaddon when he attacks Helryx, Darkest Reign
Varim Tyrant
Enhanced speed and strength
Great Veylotto
Plasma gun, lightning sword, gravity axe (all former)
Wrist blades
Matoran Universe

Abaddon is a Varim tyrant, formerly imprisoned in a pocket dimension for his attempted takeover of the Matoran Universe. He is the leader of the Infernal Legion, instructing the group to act in his absence.

Upon his return, Abaddon attacks the Order of Mata Nui and declares his reign to begin.


Early History[]

Abaddon was initially stationed on Xia by Mata Nui as a protector of the Vortixx. He valued their crafting skills, rewarded for his polite nature and protection from Rahi with powerful weapons and armour. Abaddon was eventually rewarded with a Kanohi mask, a great honour in Vortixx culture.

Approximately 100 years later, Abaddon was on Xia when the League of Six Kingdoms raided the island for resources. Takadox used her telepathy abilities to prevent Abaddon and the Vortixx from reporting the incident to the Brotherhood of Makuta. Interested in the Varim's combat abilities, the League of Six Kingdoms take Abaddon back to their base in the Southern Continent.

Abaddon is brainwashed by Takadox to work as a spy for the League of Six Kingdoms, and he is sent back to Xia. He sends reports on the weapons and Kanohi that the Brotherhood of Makuta force the Vortixx to create. Obmana, using a Suletu, realises that Abaddon is brainwashed, using the masks power to deactivate the brainwashing. Abaddon continued to provide information to the League of Six Kingdoms, plotting his revenge against the group.

Over the next 100 years, Abaddon fed misinformation to the League of Six Kingdoms, leading to Carapar betraying the group and joining the Order of Mata Nui. When the League of Six Kingdoms attacked the Brotherhood of Makuta, Abaddon watched, learning of the Toa Neirae and the defence mechanism of the Great Spirit Robot.

Abaddon commissions the Vortixx to create the Mask of Vanishing, Veylotto. He tested it powers on Xia by erasing his presence from records and the memories of inhabitants. He spends the next 300 years creating Vicoran and other species to use in war. At some point, Abaddon grants powers to four Skakdi warlords in exchange for one of their armies.

Attack against Mata Nui[]

Approximately 50 years before the Brotherhood of Makuta took over the Matoran Universe, Abaddon declared war against Mata Nui. He used armies of Rahkshi, Bohrok, Visorak and Skakdi to attack groups of Matoran, the Toa Malia teaming up with the Brotherhood of Makuta to defeat them.

Abaddon infiltrated Furro with Vicoran, planning to enter the Core Processor room. He was defeated by the combined efforts of the Toa Neirae and the Order of Mata Nui. Vicoran is killed and Abaddon is imprisoned.


Because of his power and twisted nature, Abaddon was imprisoned in a pocket dimension, accompanied by his weapons due their own destructive force. He remained in the dimension during the Great Catacylsm War.

When the war was over, Abaddon was mostly forgotten about, a result of his mask power. He influenced his servants to create the Infernal Legion and revive Vicoran.


After Vicoran was successful in sacrificing Wira, Abaddon returned to the Matoran Universe. He uses the Mask of Creation to devolve Helryx into a Ga-Matoran before impaling her, remaining silent when the Ga-Matoran is revealed to be an illusion created by Solstice. He then attacks Helryx and the Order of Mata Nui easily defeating them along with Jovan and Nadati. Abaddon then proceeds to kill the leader of the Order of Mata Nui.

Abaddon then combats the Toa Neirae, clashing with Kisa and Pozar. The Toa Neirae end up seemingly overpowering the tyrant, before it is revealed he used Solstice to create an illusion. Kisa killed Odron in place of Abaddon, then he uses her shock as an opening to decapitate her.

Personality and traits[]

Abaddon, though secretive, was known to be extremely cold-hearted and somewhat torturous. During his original attack against the Order, Abaddon knowingly sent his comrades to their deaths, easily passing off the action as collateral damage for a greater cause. He has no morals whatsoever, killing without the slight shred of regret or lament.

On top of being borderline narcissistic, Abaddon was obsessed with power. He believed himself to one of the most powerful beings in existence, while still acknowledging the power of others. Abaddon saw the world as a challenge to see who was powerful enough to "stand on heaven."

Despite his flaws, Abaddon was observant and intelligent, beyond the point of a Toa's comprehension. By witnessing a technique once, Abaddon can understand it to an uncanny degree, seeing the downsides and benefits with ease. He is able to apply new knowledge to his own techniques, allowing him to easily adapt his fighting style to exploit weaknesses of his opponents.

Powers and tools[]

Abaddon carries a giant axe-like blade, attached to his left arm, and a bladed gun attached to his right. The extent of the power these weapons hold is unknown, though they are a threat to Mata Nui and the Matoran Universe itself, thus they sealed in a pocket dimension with Abaddon. It should be noted that both weapons can be detached and reattached the Abaddon's arms.

First seen when he launched an attack on Mata Nui, Abaddon can create powerful illusions from a great distance. The limit of his telepathy is unknown, though he was able to deceive the entire Brotherhood of Makuta, even from a large distance away.

Abaddon is not known to wield any Kanohi, though his mask appears to resemble one. Any other information about it is unknown.

Abaddon is also known to possess non-Elemental gravity powers. He is able to create such a powerful crushing force on someone that they are paralysed. It is unknown whether this is the full extent of his powers or not.