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A large mace

 Aatron was a Ko-Matoran scholar who lived in a small outpost on the edge of the Illieran Portal.



Little is known of Aatron's life, but eventually he joined a group of Ko-Matoran scholars in establishing an outpost in the wilderness. Unknown to them, however, it was on the currently closed Illieran Portal, which was a remnant of a lost Ix order.


Eventually, a squadron was sent through the portal led by Ix commander Khazin Thaer with orders to kill the Matoran and steal information from their outpost. Aatron, along with another young Ko-Matoran, escaped the initial battle and hid in a small chamber within their large fortress.

However, the Ix dispatched several apprentices to find hiding Matoran, and Aatron and the young Ko-Matoran were discovered by Ix apprentice Valkyria Rhai. Aatron asked her why she had disturbed them, and Valkyria told them she would have to kill both of the Matoran. The young Ko-Matoran tried to explain how ruthless the Ix were, but Aatron did not believe him, saying that Valkyria did not have it in her to kill them. Valkyria denied this, and Aatron told her that if she was going to kill them, she should do it now.

The young Ko-Matoran then tried to flee, but Valkyria threw her dagger at him, killing him instantly. Angry and sad, Aatron attacked the Ix apprentice, but at that moment Valkyria's mentor, Scrall Vhokyn, entered the chamber and threw his dagger into Aatron's throat, killing him.

Abilities, Tools, & Traits[]


Aatron, like many Ko-Matoran, could seem rather cold and aloof at times, but was very kind to everyone within his order. He also saw the best in everyone, believing steadfastedly that Valkyria was not capable of cold blooded murder, despite her threats.

After Valkyria killed the young Ko-Matoran, however, Aatron became extremely angry and sad, and attempted to kill the Ix apprentice in revenge.

Abilities and Traits[]

Like all of the Ko-Matoran scolars, Aatron posessed no martial skill whatsoever.

Mask and Tools[]

He carried a large mace to defend himself during the Ix's attack. His Kanohi was unknown.