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"It's Antroz."
"Oh, no, it's... the fuzz!
Antroz and Lewa
A Day in the Life of a Matoran
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Karda Nui
Date Set
1,001 AGC

A Day in the Life of a Matoran is a YouTube series by Hodoka2. It follows the wacky adventures of different Matoran that are usually not involved in disputes, but get involved even if they don't want to.

Plot Summary[]

Photok has just moved into his new home when he finds a jetpack, which he unwittingly activates, sending him flying out of the house. Photok crashes into a wall and obtains amnesia, so he asks Brutaka where he is. However, Brutaka and Maxilos attack him, sending him flying back to his new building.

Brutaka later apologizes for attacking Photok, as it was only because Maxilos was chasing him, but Maxilos returns and attacks Brutaka. Meanwhile, Photok accidentally activates the jetpack again.

Sometime later, Photok and Solek reactivate a Vahki, which had once been programmed to destroy Matoran. It appears to not work, only for it to escape while they are distracted. The two attempt to search for him, but he attacks them before he can be located. Solek tries to save Photok's life by flying off, but they find out that the entire situation has been caused by a revenge-hungry Chirox, and end up crash-landing.

Vamprah and Antroz appear, and the two Matoran manage to escape. Photok, however, activates the jetpack again and goes flying.

Elsewhere, Kirop and Radiak are having their dentist checkup when an insane Toa Lewa attacks them, demanding his apples. They are saved by Antroz, who says that he will no longer rescue them when they are in trouble.

They are suddenly confronted by a monstrous Takanuva, who begins to chase them. Radiak knocks Kirop unconscious and flies away to save himself. He awakens a time later, only to be confronted by the titan once more, but Takanuva falls off a cliff. Lewa then returns, shouting for apples.